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You know when you get into a beautiful sports car, think brand spakin new Jaguar XK, and it smells like new car mixed with supple leather? Or the first time you tried on a piece of clothing that was made out of the finest silk. How bout the feeling of slipping into 800 count Egyptian sheets? Think of the image that pops into you head when I say “Grace Kelly”. The way a vintage champagne bubbles across your tongue…….You get where I’m going with this? Yeah, my first encounter with Darphin products would fit nicely into the previous list.

I had tried them all: La Prarie, La Mer, Nutrabiasse, Babor, Obaji, Chanel. There were products that I liked from each line. An eye cream here, a night cream there, but I never liked the whole line. I’m not even sure what drew me to the Darphin counter at Neiman Marcus. Maybe it was the allure of mystery. I had never seen the line advertised in any magazines before. Maybe it’s their sleek, minimalistic French-looking packaging. Who knows. The important thing is I got there! Anyway, I started talking to the sales person and found out all kinds of stuff! The line was created in Paris in 1958. It’s ingredients are all natural and “The highest grade plants (that) are painstakingly culled and processed to obtain the purest extracts and essential oils”. They have a philosophy at Darphin that’s called “The Pleasure Principal”. It says “pleasure contributing to beauty, beauty contributing to pleasure”. Basically, you can’t look good unless you feel good and vice versa! That’s why aromatherapy plays a big part in their product lines. Their regiments consist of a three step process: serums, creams and Aromatic Care oils.

I left that day, after receiving a complimentary hour long facial, with a huge bag of samples (their known for their generous sampling), the Jasmine Aromatic Care (The Le Grande Dam of the oils), the Predermine Anti Wrinkle Cream, Intral Cleansing Milk, and Intral Toner. I LOVED each and everything I ever tried from their line. I have since purchased The Hydraskin Light Gel Cream, the Intral Balm, and the Chamomile Aromatic Care. And LOVED EVERYTHING!!! So now you know why Desert Doll asked me to do this week’s Fab Friday Post! I can answer almost any question about this line!!

In closing, Darphin’s products smell beyond delish, feel like your skin drank a pool full of water, are classy and refined looking, and performs their little skin-care butts off! Some of the items are expensive, but not unlike a set of 800 count Egyptian sheets, you are really getting what you pay for!

The exquisite Rayna send us an extravaganza of products from their line to test. Ladies, let us know which product you were lucky to recieve and your thoughts!

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