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Meg here and I would like to congratulate Brooklyn007 on winning the Crystalift Contest!

There were so many awesome entries! You ladies really don’t make it easy! The word “CONFIDENCE” is what really resonated with me. It’s just ludicrous how we hide from a zit or bad hair or having a “fat day.”
We all get these feelings from time to time but when it starts to affect our daily life there can be nothing worse.

My mother had a spot on her face, she picked at it daily and it helped make her insane (I swear it contributed.) Because of this spot she did not leave her bathroom for 2 years. No joke. So I am all-too familiar with how you interpret your appearance affecting your life.

Here is the paragraph that Brooklyn007 wrote that made me decide to try and brighten her holiday with the amazing CrystaliftI want the confidence to lift my face up proudly, instead of hiding it in the shadows. I want the confidence to go swimming! (I haven’t been swimming in a while b/c of the fear of my makeup coming off, & people seeing my “real” face. Did I mention I live by an ocean!?) I want the confidence to be able to continue going to hot yoga or running. (I often skip workouts b/c I fear I will sweat off my makeup.) I want the confidence to look people in the face when they talk to me, instead of trying to look where they can’t see my scars. I want to sit on whatever side of the restaurant booth that I want, instead of having to pick which side of my face to face out to the public. (Which side is the better of two evils…) I want the confidence to talk to people without having to worry if they’re going to ask, “What’s wrong with your face?” (It’s happened on more than one occasion.) I want the confidence to feel normal, and not like some creature to be gawked upon. I really could go on and on, so I’ll close with one more. I want the confidence to feel sexy and beautiful for myself and for my husband.

All of your submissions were just great and this was a very hard task! Brooklyn007-you better be prepared to work hard for us girl! We want some before and after photos! A huge thanks to Crystalift for this amazing give-away.

For those of you that want micro-dermabrasion at home, anytime and for less then price of one dermatologist visit then treat yourself to a Crystalift. It has become a lifesaver for so many women.

Confidence=Lifesaver? I hope we can help you go for that swim Miss Brooklyn007!

When you’re feeling small how do you get that confidence level up?

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