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Meg here! Way back over a year ago I was absolutely going crazy over my Crystalift here’s the post. It just makes so much sense to me to have my own micro-dermabrasion machine. This baby is $199.00 and Crystalift is offering free shipping. My dermatologist charges $350 for just one micro-dermabrasion in his office. The Crystalift is going to give you the exact same treatment whenever you want it-no making an appointment necessary.

There’s been a lot of new fanfare about my little miracle machine since I wrote about it last. It was on a segment on The Doctor’s on how amazing this is and (not to brag but boy do I have my finger on the pulse) look who has followed suit…stars are finding this ‘face-lift in a box’ so effective, they’re opting to use it instead of Botox.”InTouch Magazine

“A single microderm treatment costs as much as this entire machine.” NBC News

“Crystalift Microdermabraison gives you near-professional results” Newsweek Magazine

I’m so proud of this company becaue I feel like I found them way back when and now they’re all grown up! My 46 year old sun-damaged girlfriend bought this on my recommendation and she is thrilled with her results. She has seen amazing differences in her lines and God help the fool that tries to separate her from her Crystalift.

It comes with a very easy to watch instructional DVD, crystal packets that are the main micro-dermabrasion ingredients and the machine itself. The machine is lightweight and about the size of a toaster.

I use my Crystalift a couple times a month and my skin feels thanks me for it. I insert the crystal packets in the front, grab the attached wad and go all over my face in a circular motion. Watch the clip up top from The Doctors and they give a great example on how it’s done.

Save a fortune, get free shipping and no worry of being knocked over and run down by a shopping cart? That alone brings a season of cheer. This machine really does work and thankfully, since so many women have caught on-you don’t just have to take my word for it!

This would be a fantastic gift for any one that cares about reversing any types of skin damage without having to have a doctor in the house!

Who here is a fan of micro-dermabrasion and black Friday deals?

Check it out here!

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