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Meg here, I’ve always wanted to be a dermatologist. More specifically, I am a picker. If you have a zit I will chase you around until you let me at it. I realize this is disgusting but I don’t care. If I will chase you, imagine what I do to my own face. I have a mirror in my powderroom, next to the mirror is another mirror. It’s one of those 25X magnifying mirrors. I use that mirror and can gaze at my reflection for quite a while. It’s not that it’s a vain thing. I don’t gaze and kiss the mirror. I gaze and study. I see the crows feet slowly starting to creep in and wonder when that line appeared on my forhead.

When I got my Crystalift Personal Micro-Dermabrasion Machine I wanted to run out and buy a matching lab jacket! This is the kind of doctor I want to play! Major “Thank-you” to Lee and her whole AMAZING team at Launchpad PR for turning me on to this complexion savior. Oh, and if you ever get the chance, ask for Tom over there-All the beauty bloggers in the know love him!

The only thing is, I use the word “play” lightly. This machine gives you the same micro-dermabrasion you would get at your dermatologists office. Dr. L. David is the creator of this miracle box. He’s also the big expert at laser resurfacing and his company brought micro-dermabrasion from Europe to the US! All of a sudden women everywhere could hop to the Dr.’s and and get their faces resurfaced. Why hop to the doctors though? This is the age of I want it now. Hop right to your ladies loo and get the same results out of your skin as the professionals. Well, thats pretty much the pitch anyway.

The first thing I did was watched the handy-dandy informative DVD that comes with the machine. Think of it as 10 minute medical school! Medical school without books to boot. The DVD breaks the crystalift into step by step directions and is so clear that a candy striper could perform this task. The Crystalift is about the size of a small toaster, and it comes with crystal packs. The crystal packs are inserted in the front of the Crystalift. Attached to the Crystalift is a wand for your face. Here’s the important information. The wand must be in contact with your skin for the crystals to start doing their exfoliating work. Also, you must keep the wand gliding in motion. Basically, you are vacuuming your face.

It feels like you’re really getting in there! It doesn’t hurt though, it is just very exfoliating and you can feel all the dead skin being blasted away. Maybe its a combo of vaccuuming with a slight percent of sanblast. I mean this positively. Also, ONE micro-dermabrasion in Bev Hills is $350. I don’t know what your doctor charges for them but they’re expensive. This machine is on special right now for $199.00. The price of Less then ONE dermabrasion and this DOES EXACTLY THE SAME THING! HELLOO! NO BRAINER!

I flipping love this machine! I am so lucky to have it! It made my skin ridiculously soft and clean. It’s like when you leave the dentists office after a tooth cleaning. You know how you run your tongue across your newly cleaned teeth and wonder how you never noticed how gunky they were before.

I saw such a difference after my first use. I have been to the Crystalift website and been staring at their before and after pictures. Pretty impressive! Here’s what Crystalift says “Say Goodbye to Creams, Scrubs and Vibrating Brushes.
Only Crystalift gives you Dual-Action power to fight the visible signs of aging. It’s patent pending process combines two NEW technologies — crystal resurfacing and vacuum-lift therapy. The unique Dual-Action process gently lifts away old, dead and damaged skin cells allowing newer, fresher skin cells to emerge – leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow. Say goodbye to out-dated skin care and experience Crystalift Resurfacing to give you softer, smoother, younger-looking skin in less than 10 minutes… GUARANTEED!”.

I am committed to using this once a week, I’m not really a doctor. I just play one in front of my magnifying mirror. You wouldn’t know that though by looking at my newly surfaced face! Viva La Crystalift!

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