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Hello dear Megheads!
This is Eleni sharing little pieces of last night with you.

How fun does going to a Crest event sound?
It’s an interesting feeling. Part of you feels like you’re going to the dentist. Another part of you feels that it’s OK to go to the dentist because you’re gonna get a treat on your way out – IF you don’t cry. And then, there is this third part of you, the optimistic Hollywood part, that feels like everything’s gonna be OK because Ryan Seacrest is there and he’s always smiling.
Having Ryan Seacrest smiling next to yourself smiling in-a-picture will not cross your mind at this point, so you will still feel just fine leaving home without flossing.
Probably one of the few times in your life that you’ll regret not flossing SO much.

On our way to Santa Monica, Megan and I were hysterically laughing in the car about Sea-Crest hosting the Crest event. As usual we made up at last 4 different crazy scenarios on how this partnership happened. Of course we couldn’t hold them to ourselves. Megan asked Ryan if he thinks Crest got its name in honor of his smile. I asked him if he had to change his name in order to be hired by Crest. He seemed amused and told us stories about how Crest Scope has practically saved his dating life.

The Crest people were wonderful to us. They held their event at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica and everything was decorated with flowers that look like the new Scope bottle (hint: it will look good in your bathroom), they served us yummy hors d’oeuvres (hint: so we’d have to floss) and really good red wine (hint: that’s not the real color of my teeth in that picture).

The best part of the night was Dr. Gerlach’s speech on how they came up with the Scope idea and how important it is to have fresh breath, what people usually do to test it (picture a whole room full of press testing their breath) and what’s bad for your teeth (picture the doctor giving Megan and I “the look” while we were sipping our drinks).

I think that Megan felt bad at some point. She felt like we have let the doctor down, that we have disappointed him by drinking wine and admitting we don’t floss every day. The doctor has heard Meg tell Ryan that the most dangerous place to be is between her and her drink and he has raised his eyebrow.

You have to learn something about Megan. There is nothing in this world that she loves and awes more than doctors. So a raised eyebrow by Dr. Gerlach who looks like a more attractive Ted Turner and is certainly funnier than him (Meg‘s exact words), well, that must have been devastating.
Thankfully, we’re gonna have the chance to meet up with the whole Crest team again during the Shecky’s Beauty at its Best event in NYC and we’ll get the chance to explain. Untill then, we’ll be brushing, flossing and Scoping like crazy.

P.S. We didn’t complain or cry at all, throughout the event, so we got an amazing gift bag on our way out.

What do you think of our Crest smiles?
Would you sip on red wine at a Crest event?
Do you floss every day? The truth!

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