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here reporting from Upstate NY where I get to spend some time with my family and much-adored grandkids! I try to get up this way in May because of Mom’s Day and the fact that if I’m lucky, they have tulips and lilacs blooming and who could resist those! If I’m VERY lucky,I also get a super-cool macaroni-necklace from my darlin’ lil’ grandson Jake as well, LOL! Happy Day to all those who enjoy their Mom’s and families on this sweet day!
When I hear the words “Multi-task”, I think of my own Mom: with 8 kids and a full-time job, she INVENTED the phrase, LOL! It wasn’t something worn as a badge of honor or to be shared on a resume,it just meant that there were simply 24 hours in a day and there was a LOT to be done so she never stopped!

I love it when people can do more than one thing at a time and look cool doing it because I’ve yet to figure out how to walk in high heels without managing to trip or how to chat while holding a glass of wine and not dribble it on myself or the other person…rolls eyes here.
Every so often,we find a “multiple” use for a product and need I remind you of the Monistat gel? Even BETTER when an insightful company whose mission statement is based on No BS Beauty Facts” manages to come up with something that does this effortlessly!

Cosmedicine merges the ultimate in cosmetics and medicine: they formulate their entire line of products with “maximum strength available without a perscription” ingredients to create products with superior and scientific results! I LOVE they they repeatedly say “they don’t blow smoke” in nice ways and how their products can be used by all skin types even sensitive (thanks for that!) with fabulous results! This is modern day “multi-tasking” at it’s finest to my way of thinking,I get to look good AND get medical-grade ingredients in the process all for reasonable pricing and efficient packaging!
I know you hear me rave a lot about how good certain things are…I also don’t like some stuff but truly try to review with a sunny-outlook as much as possible.Cosmedicine’s “Healthy Cleanse Foaming Cleanser” is absolutely amazing.

Amazing…nothing like it that I have ever tried before!

You get home late with city-grime on your skin or if you’re lucky and 20 years younger than I, after a way too late night of partying: you KNOW you need to get that chit off your face and it can be a chore: simply splash you face with water,give the nice bottle a shake or two and pump out the creamy foam…apply all over INCLUDING THE EYE AREA and it will not only remove every bit of makeup,it will also take off that industrial-strength mascara without a second thought or irritation of any kind! You’re thinking “No way!” but trust me,it really is that easy and that good!

Rinse and hop into bed…it’s really THAT simple and you skin will be smooth,totally clean and get this TONED as well because this nothing short of miraculous product also contains a toner…this is truly cutting-edge technology as well as a damn good idea!
The cleanse will:
Quickly, yet gently melts makeup including waterproof mascara without irritation
Eliminates dirt, debris, dead skin cells and pollutants
Soothes, purifies and refines
Refines pores
Leaves skin clean, refreshed, normalized. never tight or dry
Maintains skin’s normal pH levels

Now tell me that couldn’t rock your world just a wee bit?I like everything about this company so be sure to check out their site and I also have a couple more of their products in my rotation so there will be more reviews regarding this line, I’m sure! They seem to have covered all the bases, concerns, and needs that anyone might have and because it’s so efficient and effective, I am sold! Oh and as a bonus,you’ll also get:
85% reduction in excess sebum immediately after use
Zero irritation to skin or eyes

Multi-task away my pretties secure in the knowledge that it will NOT take 20 minutes to clean your skin and that you’ll be well on the way to making it better everytime you do because of this innovative and thoughtful company!

If your skin looks nicer, that macaroni-necklace will too! 🙂
Buy it here, FREE SHIPPING, always a plus for me and you get to choose extras with every order as well…they SO know how to make me happy:


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