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correctiveskincareMeg here! There are few things we on believe Tea Trea Oil can’t do. Few things. It may be the cure for cancer in some form. I believe I may have read that on one of the forums on here. Kiss

From clearing up impossible pimples to aiding in hair growth, we’re all about this magic potion. I yelled out an actual “Whoop!” When I opened a box of Correctiveskincare Tea Tree Scrub. I read on the back of the no-frills bottle “Tea Tree Scrub is specifically designed for oily and acne prone skin. Anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial helps to accelerate healing of skin disorders.”

After reading that description I decided I needed a hot shower right then and there! Another thing I love is warming face scrubs. It just makes me feel like it’s doing an extra job when it gets all heated up on my face. It makes me start to think my other face scrubs are lazy! “Listen other face scrub? See Mr. Tea Tre here? Yes, he’s doing the job and heating up AND”… Wait is that menthol? Or Eucalyptus. Now, we have a triple threat. We have tea tree oil based granule scrub that heats up and makes your face tingle and your skin minty fresh. Yes. I am in love! The best part? It totally works, but at first your face may freak a little bit.

The first week of using this my skin looked a little rough. I really think it was like I was doing such a deep cleaning that all the crud was being brought up towards the surface? I’m not a Dermatologist (I only play one around any male friends-don’t move! Let me squeeze that! Better them than me.) I cannot medically say whether that even makes scientific sense. It works for my mind though. The first week there was more gunk ready than I knew what to do with.
But, that’s good right? I mean, it had to come out.

The start of the second week brought a healthy glow and a much clearer complexion. My pores looked smaller and I definitely had “significant blackhead reduction.” The scent is a fresh kick-start to your day and I’m starting to run out and starting to feel a panic attack set in.

Oh yeah, my long suffering rosacea friends? My girlfriend swears it has pretty much gotten rid of hers.

If you’re in the market for a fabulous new face wash than look no further! Tea Tree Oil has done it again! Who else is a fan of the fabulous Mr. Tea!

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