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Stacy B here! I’m not pregnant anymore! YAY!!!! Hopefully those of you that read this site missed me last week and hoped I was in labor. If you did, thanks! I appreciate the labor thoughts, they must have worked! My son Wesley was born at 4:42 pm on Tuesday, April 24. He was 8 lbs, 8 oz, 20.5 inches long and just perfect.

Somehow, while I hate being pregnant and am not very good at it (I do not glow, or happily rub my belly with stars in my eyes, or bask in the glory of the miracle of life, I just count the days until it’s over in the best mood I can muster), I am a champion birther. I popped that baby out in 5 hours. Pushed for 10 minutes. Seriously. First contraction was around 11:45 am, he was born at 4:42 that afternoon. No 36 hour labor nightmares, or vaccuums and medical intervention, or relaxing meditation, just give me the epidural and get ready to catch.Now we all know that birth is beautiful and special and miraculous and all that…in theory. In practice, it’s pretty gross. There’s stuff coming out that you don’t want to see or talk about, nothing is pretty or glamorous, and your lady parts are on display for just about anyone who wants to walk in. It’s very humbling and shame goes completely out the window.

However, once it’s over, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for pictures with your new bundle of joy. I brought makeup to the hospital and I’m not afraid to tell anyone that. Did I do a full out ‘heading to the hottest bar’ in town face? No, of course not. That would be excessive. But I did cover up the dark circles under my eyes, even out my skin tone and brush on a little bronzer for some pictures with my new little man.

Here are a few products that I’ve reviewed in the past that were good enough to make it into the hospital bag. I still stand by these products weeks and months after I reviewed them


1. Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip conditioner. This was perfect to hydrate my lips during labor when I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I drink water constantly so not being able to really have too much aside from some sips here and there was rough and I felt parched. This was great and kept my lips soft and moist through the toughest of contractions.

2.Got 2Bs Fat-Tastic Fresh and Full Dry Shampoo. Showering and drying my very thick hair in a hospital when I’m sore and tired and a bit torn up is not something I had the energy or pain tolerance to do each day. On Day 2 when visitors where on their way, I used this to freshen my hair up enough to get it off my face and have it look somewhat presentable. Labor is tough so I wouldn’t say my hair was as good as if it was freshly washed, but it was clean enough to not look shiny in pictures.

3. Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminous Eye Shadow. I brought this specifically for the perfect neutral colors that go on easily, aren’t that dark, don’t crease or run and give me that perfect ‘I look like I’m not wearing make up but I am a little’ look. Like I said, I wasn’t painting the town red, I just wanted to be able to look back at pictures of this amazing time and not wonder why I looked like I may have actually died during labor.

4. Sebamed Hand and Nail balm. Child birth and gestating do weird things to your skin. Hormones are awesome, really. I found that within a day or two of having my son, my skin was…off…Not sure how to explain it, other than it was a bit dry and itchy, and very sensitive. This lotion was great because it helps restore natural pH balances in your skin. I didn’t get dried out in the dry hospital air, and when my skin was freaking out the sensitive formula worked great.

Now that I’m home, I’m going to relax, heal, and get to know my newest addition without worrying too much about how I look. But if I have company or need to get out for a bit, the products above are great for feeling good about yourself without feeling too made up. As much as I want to feel normal again, the focus should be on my new son, not whether or not I’m in the latest make up trends!  Don’t worry though, I’ll have something new for you next week!

 What are your top drugstore items in a pinch?


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