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Complexion Perfection – Everything You Need to Know about Foundation!

It’s amazing what time, patience, and the proper anti-depressant can do. My first semester of college, I was, well, forced to take this Business Calculus course. I didn’t even take pre-cal in high school. I opted for the less-effort, more fun Trig class. I’m really just not a math person. Besides the complete mental breakdown I had that semester – that MATH 267 class just did not help. I did not GET it. We had this crazy Japanese man who was obsessed with Microsoft Excel and ugh (But I really did like him – I just didn’t like all the random crap he made us do in Excel, I had him for two classes. I get all tense just remembering back. But now, I’m a senior and haven’t had any similar breakdowns since then. The other day in my Macroeconomics class the professor was explaining how to derive this formula for calculating increases in real GDP with an infinite number of terms and I was like “Wow! Three years ago, this exact same concept literally brought me to tears. And It was so simple this time!” Maybe I was just more open-minded to it now. Maybe I learned something necessary in between times. Who knows! But that’s my lesson. It’s okay to give up for a little while -just not forever. You gotta try it again! That all being said, I feel like foundations are something that many women (maybe even men…) have trouble with. Rule One – its FOUNDATION. Not “base” not “Cover-up” not just plain old “makeup.”

Second, Go to a counter or a Sephora and get matched. There is NO WAY you can really know if its the right color unless you try it on and a drugstore is just not going to let you bring it back if its the wrong color. You’ll save yourself lots of money in the long run.

Third, the tools. If any of my Sephora Education department superiors are reading this they might fall out of their chairs. I use my fingers for my liquid foundations. I do! I think foundation brushes look to cakey and painted on and plus, I’m far to lazy to rinse it out every day. That’s just me. So if you know what I’m doing wrong with brushes tell me! And nasty sponges sort of gross me out, plus they soak up pennies and pennies of your product. No thanks. Just use the tips of your fingers. My exception to that rule is the Sephora Professional Stippling Brush. It gives you such a flawless look and its not too much makeup on your face. Just stipple it on then buff with a soft powder brush. It’s perfection!

Fourth: The process. Cleanse, Tone, Treat & Moisturize. Let your moisturizer soak in before you start applying the paint. Next prime. I really think Primers are indispensible and I just cannot even understand how women survived without them! My favorites are LORAC’s AquaPrime and the Laura Mercier Primers especially because they are so moisturizing. The Smashbox Primer is a perennial favorite but I’ve actually come to favor those first two over this one. And make sure to set your makeup when you’re done: Laura Mercier Translucent powder does a great job and keep a hydrating mist like Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir to spray during the day to keep skin hydrated so your skin doesn’t start to absorb your coverage.

Finally, you’re ready to add the color! I personally am not a fan of powder foundations. I feel like my face is dirty and it doesn’t stay on. To each her own though… I want to leave you with some exploration tips: My favorite brands and formulas that I hope you will all find to be winners too!

DIOR AirFlash – it is a aerosol spray. Just a couple short sprays all over your face gives excellent coverage and an air-brush look of perfection. Its $60 so a little bit on the pricey side…I save it for special occasions.

Vincent Longo’s Dew Finish formula. It’s not uber-shiny like a lot of Illuminating foundations. You just glow. And its beautiful.

Tarte’s Smooth Operator foundations. This one is AWESOME because its multi-purpose. It has SPF 20. If you put on one thin layer, its just like a tinted moisturizer plus. If you add a second thin, layer you have a great light-medium coverage foundation that is oil free and doesn’t make your skin look dull. I cried when I ran out of my last bottle.

Stila’s Natural Finish Foundation. These are great because they come in a wide variety of shades. They’re oil free – but I don’t believe that “oil free” must necessarily equal “dull, matte, and sick-looking”. You get a “natural finish” (named appropriately) and still a healthy, radiant look.

Fresh’s FreshFace Foundations – This is awesome. SPF 20 and its so super moisturizing with things like Jojoba oil, Seaweed extract you might as well call it a treatment!

Am I missing a true winner? Did your favorite make my list? Let me know!

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