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collectiveSweetassgal here battling the results of skin put into utter chaos by a lack of routine, change in locale and just a little bit more than normal stress in this gal’s life.  I went to Hawaii and spent a week chasing kids and sweating my sweet ass off in the the unbearable September humidity.  The resulting oil slick that accumulated on my face broke me out BIG time and left me with plenty of pimples to test out on a new face wash.  But it was all worth it because I got to spend 7 full days getting to know my adorable nephews and learning that Jennifer is a Wonder Mom!  This girl could change a poopie diaper with one hand, suck boogie’s with that little rubber thing with the other, dance and sing like a crazy woman to entertain the boys and probably STILL find 101 uses for diaper wipes!  Is it just me or do they work on EVERYTHING!

So now that I’m back in the comfort of dry Valley weather sans wee one’s I’m looking forward to cocktails in the hot tub, being able to cuss at free will again and of course, indulging in some selfish “me” time which translates in Mommie terms to “exactly 5 minutes to actually groom yourself”.  Seriously ladies with babies…hats off to you for all you do each and every day.  Motherhood is such a wonderful thing but I really do see the sacrifices you make raising the little one’s.  So for you Jen…and all mothers out there…I’ve been settling down each night with a nice glass of wine and a new tube of Collective Wellbeing’s Purifying Cinnamon/Clay Cleanser to combat my island breakout.

I love, love, love the motivation behind this company and their purpose in the world.  They talk about the “little things that count” and doing things, small things, that add up to the greater good.  Making products that work and giving back to the community are the fundamentals that drive their philosophy and having spent a week with the toddling and cooing future of our world this is something I appreciate greatly.  And clear skin?  Well that’s a priority in and of itself!  So I set out to begin and end each day with an invigorating wash that tingles your senses with the scent of cinnamon and the clarifying properties of Kaolin clay.  It’s no secret that clay is excellent at drawing out impurities but I had NO idea cinnamon was a natural purifier itself!  This face cleanser is applied and massaged into your skin for about a minute or so and then rinsed completely.  You’ll want to leave it on like a mask out of habit but the massaging action is all you will need to reap the benefits of the clay and the small scrubbers throughout.  It rinses clean and oil is noticeably reduced.  Over the last full week I have noticed a gradual reduction in the break out I had experienced and a return of balance to my skin.  Unfortunately, I managed to grow one of those deep neck pimples…the kind where you can’t pop it because you’ll collapse your wind pipe and you can’t effectively treat it because its now been granted its own zip code.  This was the greatest challenge for Collective Wellbeing’s purifying properties and after one week its not gone (nor forgotten) but greatly reduced.  Now it just gets its mail at the UPS store along with packing materials and picture postcards of animals wearing funny hats.  SAYONARA pimple!

I really liked the exhilarating scent of cinnamon and was happy with the results of my week long use of Purifying Cinnamon/Clay Cleanser but will probably save this cleanser for when I need to bring out the big guns.  I don’t think I’ll need it on a daily basis.  However, like a good Mom does…I’ll be ready, cleanser in one hand and martini in the other (I have teenagers…so its okay!) ready to do double duty and attack those kits with the power of Cinnamon and Kaolin Clay!  A word of warning though…never have a “pimple popping party” after a few cocktails.  You’ll regret it.  Trust me!  

Collective Wellbeing says a beautiful world begins with you!  That’s you, clean skin and a little help from!  GLAM ON!

Who else had their well being saved with Collective Wellbeing!

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