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Stylemama here filling in for Gigi. Every time I try a new product I secretly hope for mind-blowing results after just one use. I know……..scandalous! And then it happened. All it took was a cleansing bar made by CM Naturals called, Seaweed Soap. Unrealistic optimism rewarded……..check! It started with a recommendation from the lovely and charming Inkbunny she loves this cleanser and now I do too!

To better understand my excitement, it might help to know a little bit about my very complex complexion. I have extremely reactive, sensitive skin. I also have some hybrid form of rosacea and acne, a little keratosis pilaris (KP) and let’s not forget the eyebrow eczema! All of this is shaded in nicely with just a bit too much redness. Fortunately, all of these conditions are in a mild state and with proper care are not terribly difficult to manage. We must work with what we are given, even if it is a rainbow-colored complexion. Be proud of it, I am. Hopefully, my rainbow will be someone else’s sunshine!

Managing all of this just got easier thanks to Inkbunny and Seaweed Soap. This cleanser comes in the form of a round bar, has an earthy, yet clean and mild scent. If you can remember to remove it from the depths of your shower it should last quite long. After just one use, I immediately noticed less redness and smoother looking skin. After three days of using it twice a day, my rosacea symptoms were reduced and the KP wasn’t a bit aggravated. In addition to that, I have noticed an overall “calming” effect to my complexion, especially in the eyebrow area. I have only been using this bar for a little over a week and I am excited! In all fairness, I must mention that I use the clarisonic skin brush. But, before you attribute any results to that high-tech wonder…… allow me to remind you I’ve used the clarisonic brush for several months and it wasn’t until Seaweed Soap entered the scene that I ACTUALLY saw results.

I also forced my husband and children to try this cleanser without the clarisonic to see how it would affect their skin. No irritation for the children’s delicate skin and my husband reported that his oily skin felt really clean but not uncomfortable. Even he looked less red than normal. He just informed me that had the bar of soap not been stolen from him he would still be using it. Impressive!

As many of you are aware, seaweed is known for its ability to gently purify, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and balance oil levels. The lipids, vitamins, and minerals found in seaweed are readily absorbed into the skin allowing for deep-down penetration.

Besides the seaweed found in this great cleanser, some of the other main ingredients are shea butter, oats and glycerin. It is indicated for sensitive skin, the treatment of “most acne”, and is reasonably priced at $14.00 for a 6-ounce bar. The directions are as follows: “Open pores by splashing warm (as warm as can be tolerated) water on face or stand in shower for full body. Lather face or body with the soap and vigorously rub the soap into your skin for about 1 minute. Leave the soap on for at least 3 minutes total (the longer the better). Rinse with warm water. Use 1 or 2 times per day depending on severity of acne.” Simple enough.

The company prides itself on using only the purist ingredients found in nature. Combine that with the “clean” manufacturing techniques they employ and you have supreme quality assurance. I had the pleasure of speaking to Charmaine at CM Naturals and I was blown away by her kindness and enthusiasm. It was clear that I was speaking not only to a compassionate woman, but also a master of her trade. She tolerates only the best when it comes to customer service. Still not satisfied? Pick up the phone and ask for Charmaine, it’s like she’s one of us!

What do you think ladies? Are the mysteries of the deep sea whispering your name? Seaweed Soap Here! or 1-866-279-2115





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