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Katie here, I just don’t know what the problem is. I guess it’s hormones. But for the last 9 months or so, my skin that has always been relatevely “problem-free” just likes to break out constantly. I used to only break ou on my chin or forehead but I get them in the middle of my cheek now! I think I’m even more self-conscious about my skin than I would have been at 13 or 14 because I know I’m doing everything right! I take my makeup off at night; I moisturize and tone. I do masks! So I appreciate any product that helps in any way!

This summer I sort of got into the Clinique Acne Solutions line – I love the Salycilic Acid clarifying lotion just to dry out all those zit-y suckers! And it really does smooth your skin. Now usually, you think wearing a complexion product (foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc ) is sort of counterproductive to healing your skin. So basically daytime = pore clogging, nighttime = treatment). But with the Clinique Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin formula the you get makeup and treatment in one. And it really works! Its a “foundation that gives oiily skin a smooth, perfecting look. Helps skin stay easily blemish free – controiling oil, minimizing pores. A soft-matte, velvety finish keeps skin flawless-looking all day.”

And at $20.50 it’s about half the cost of a lot of high-end cosmetic foundation prices. Plus it has a gorgeous finish.

I’d love to hear what anyone else who’s tried it thinks:

Clinique, BUY IT HERE!

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