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Good Morning Ladies – Welcome again to Fabulous Fridays!!

Croman here I am currently in St Helena, Napa Valley for a week at a spa I will tell you all about if Idecide its up to par for our Megs Makeup Fabulous Friday readers!

Now – I PROMISE I am not secretly working for Cle de Peau – but I do have a penchant for honesty and I cannot wait any longer to tell you about another one of their great products. As a result of dehydration, not
exfoliating and not thoroughly removing fondation and eye makeup, I get a thick build up of dead skin around my eyes that cause unbelievably ugly,thick eye wrinkles. Sometimes I dont even want to leave my house. Not kidding. In addition to removing ALL your eye makeup every night with cleanser AND eye makeup remover, this product, Cle de Peau Serum Eclat (translated as Clarifying Serum), will reduce those eye wrinkles by 99%!!

I thought I was doomed until I stumbled onto this formula. You use this product like a toner at night but its not at all all toner. Cle de Peau describes the product as “a serum that minimizes the appearance of dull
skin by gently exfoliating old surface cells”. My eye wrinkles are my most troubled spot and I seek no further answers. I also use to have all sorts of negative reactions to eye cremes, like red eyes in the morning and minor headaches after using them. The Serum Eclat never gives me any negative side effects. You can read about their accompanying products at or purchase the 75 ml/2.5 oz Serum Eclat it online for $116 at Buy it Here on Amazon

Any other megsmakeup readers that think shelling out for the Cle is a must!

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