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Meg here! I love that we have the finger on the pulse over here! By over here, I obvi mean and by “I” I mean “you.” Sure, I get exposed to a lot of cool beauty items and I can make my recommendations but at the end of the day, if you don’t agree… Well, crash and burn for that item!

That’s why I am so psyched to tell you that a company we’ve been fans of for a long time has gotten the word out and is no longer just an “insider favorite!” Yes! Our good friends at Classified Cosmetic’s have hit the big time with their prestige line ERA.


I really hope I figured out how to correctly post this video. If it doesn’t work I’ll give it another shot because you don’t want to me the savings and exclusive deals Good Morning America has posted for Spring Make Overs! I am so proud Classified Cosmetics ERA is one of their “must have picks!” We called this A LONG TIME A GO! So happy mainstream America is getting with the program.

If you want to try it out! Act super fast because the off of 50% OFF and FREE SHIPPING is only here until the 24th. You need CODE GMA50 ! How fab is that?

I know a lot of you have tried and been raving about their drugstore line Aero Minerale. Aero is the mass line that grew out of the demand from this original one. Who loves the original? Demi, Angelina, Mirren, Portman, Gwen oh, and a little ole’ simple lady we call Madonna, or Madge or Esther. I guess it really depends on what Kabbalah group you attend.

A two second spray provides hours of perfect, blendable and NATURAL LOOKING COVERAGE! If you’re not sure your shade? They even have that covered. Just put in the foundation you’re currently using and you’ll automatically get sent back ERA’s perfect shade match. It’s that easy!

So happy and proud to see great people that deliver an amazing product get the accolades that they deserve! I’ve been beaming all day. This is such fantastic news and if you haven’t had a chance to try one of my post favorite products ever than start with this savings!


What product have you been wise to before the rest of the world caught up to its greatness!! Thankfully, after the GMA endorsement this item is not longer Classified Insider Only Info!

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