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classifiedThis post may seem all over the place but this week has been a bit all over the place. Meg here! This is going to be a very self-help, you can do it in a three step post! I am saying this with the utmost confidence in you. If you are able to read
this then you can apply this.

My color is “buff” and it takes 3 little spritzes from the can. Spritz on my forehead, face and chin-I spread it with either a sponge (or when is not handy) my fingers for an even, pore-erasing, perfect finish. THIS STUFF IS HOT! TWILIGHT ordered 1,000 cans. ONE THOUSAND CANS to give Bella and the entire cast a perfect airbrush look! Without carrying around the spray machine on set! Launching today! At Ulta, Classified Cosmetics is bringing the same twilight appearance for under $15!!

I’m not a cheapie and I will pay whatever needs to be paid to keep me looking great. I was shelling out $60 dollars for Dior Flash. I’m over Dior, so is my wallet. I get THE EXACT RESULTS FOR $15.
If you have a heavy foundation or concealer it will find a home in your wrinkles and pronounce them “Honey! I’m home!” No honey wants to live in that home. It makes you look like like you live in a nursing home. Women at age 26 make this mistake. Heavy foundation can age you 5 years. That’s being conservative.

#1 Aero Minerale is $15 I am on TV and use it all the time, it is light, travels, covers and blends. You need this. Ulta has it today.

#2 Using a same or God forbid, darker then your skin tone color is going to give you away. if you have a zit or eyebag’s go a shade lighter, even a shade lighter then your skin tone. Light deflects.

#3 You have 1 minute 30 seconds to apply moisturizer. Yup, for it to be effective then that’s it. Damp skin straight out of the shower is a must, apply the moisturizer so it allows the creme to trap in the water THUS MOISTURIZER! IF you’re putting it on dry skin you’re not getting the benefits. The skin must be moist for any of this to work!

I know I’m a sexy beast and can give a good time! Woohoo! However, my knees have heeled since my 6″ heel sidewalk fall NYC city slip. I’ve been left with Very Good Time Knees. Seriously, a perma-bruise. Just a clumsy fool that fell on my ass but a calling card for a great date…You betcha!

No. Not a crowd please or “Meet My Mom.” Again, just a quick spritz-spritz from “buff” Aero Minerale and my knees were back to virginal status with no build-up and no one knowing the better. Now, I sound like a good time (great! I will take it! Call me!) Stop being so judgey, I just had a breakup. I’m kidding (obviously) a few spritzes will give you complete coverage. You also should wear shoes that aren’t 6 inches high, but to each their own.

I’m not even going to get into how amazing this would hide a hickey. But it totally would. And yes, I think everyone should have a hickey. Let your hair down! It’s just fun. Don’t be so old and stiff to not be able to relate how amazing it is to just be totally nibbled on. Those moments make a happy memory that make a beautiful life.

Classified Cosmetics is in Ulta, you can grab it for a ridiculous cheap price. It is $50 DOLLARS LESS THEN DIOR FLASH which I found to do the same/less then my Aero Minerale in “buff” for $15. Word is they’re even having an Ulta promotion for BUY ONE BUY THE SECOND AT HALF OFF. Then you have foundation for at least 7 months for $23. Seriously? The same stuff on both the cast of Twilight and they swear by?

Aero Minerale WORKS!! IT DOESN’T SPILL! It doesn’t clog pores, the coverage is fantastic, It matches my shade perfectly. How is this…The Makeup Artist from TWILIGHT could have picked any brand and picked Classified because she said “It was my lifesaver.” The cast has flawless skin C.C. made my life easier.

I LOVE AERO MINERALE! LOVE IT! It does all the promise! Run to Ulta before it sells out! Come back to Classified Cosmetics to see the latest!

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