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Meg here! OK, I’m going to try to do this again. I just wrote this all up and it was great! You would have laughed, you would have cried! This post would have changed your life. Then I accidentally closed the damn window before hitting “save” and I just finished calling myself every curse word I’ve ever learned. Yet, I trudge forward…

Maybe “change your life” is a bit strong, but you know what isn’t? Change your skin. No B.S.

First off, Apple Cider Vinegar? You know it. I know it. I’ve heard the virtues of it for years. It’s pretty vile. I mean, shots of apple cider vinegar? Ugh, and you know me, I’m not the type to shy away from a shot (or 3.) I mean, I dance so much better after a few and my date is so much better loooking after the third. But Apple Cider Vinegar? Come on. There are a lot of things in life that are unpleasant that I already have to do. I pay my parking tickets and the IRS, I get bikini waxed. Do I really need shots of this gag inducing liquid to make my skin better? In short, YES. You do too. I’ve done the research with Nick and here’s the deal.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, it will make your skin look a TON better. A TON. It’s not “yummy” but you wont want to hurl after taking a shot. We’ve found it to go down the smoothest. Yes, it’s a ritual that we started three weeks ago and I swear on all that is holy, my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER. EVER. After dinner we fill a shot glass, cheer and clink, then shoot it back. My cystic stuff has all but disappeared. Not only that but I’m getting the best gift in the world. The gift that makes my life worth living. The gift that fits every size, every gender, every age range and income bracket-I’M GETTING COMPLIMENTS!!

My friend Heather, my dermatologist, the butcher at Whole Foods “Your skin is looking really nice.” 

My skin? In my younger years, I never had a problem with acne. I did have extrememly thick eyeglasses, braces for three years and a spiral poodle perm though. So yeah, I was super hot.

Since becoming an adult, my teeth are straight, I have flowing, gorgeous long (Indian extension hair sewn into my head) and contact lenses. Since the Lord Giveth and Taketh Away (that’s in The Bible-right?) I also started to get adult cystic acne. You know God, what a jokester sometimes.

I really stand by the Apple Cider Vinegar trick, that’s helping me on the inside and showing through to the exterior. I’m also trying a new face wash and I’m loving it. These two bad boys together are really making my need for all over foundation a thing of the past. Seriously, that is quite a statement, I know, I’m just feeling really good about my current dermis situation right now. “Current dermis situation?” I know, spoken like a true beauty blogger and complete skin nerd.

The new face wash? Clarks Botanicals Skin Clearing Face and Body Wash. I am really loving this. My friend Heather that I mentioned above? Well, I recommended it to her. Let’s see if I can get her to comment on it. As she said to me yesterday “You’ve never done me wrong with product suggestions.” I went with her to buy some.

I’m loving that this “skin clearing wash” also includes “body” since my neck had also decided to turn against me. Oh neck, I count on you to keep my head held high in times like these! I see there is no loyalty, none. Damn you neck!

A teeny tiny bit goes a long way and it’s even helping that scoundrel-my neck. It feels great and as I said, I have really been seeing results. My pores look smaller, my blackheads are almost gone and my skin just looks and feels pretty dandy.

I review A LOT of products over here. It’s become a household chore (but a good one, not like scrubbing the toilet or anything.) To get as much feedback as I can, I will ask my fellow shower companions (you know what I mean, it’s not the 60’s) to report on how they have found this Apple Cider Vinegar paired with Clarks Botanicals to be. I am totally endorsing this combo. It’s made me look fresh and clear and alive, not at all the type of woman that would write an entire review and then promptly erase it.

I hope you’re staying sane this holiday season and really, truly, madly deeply (God, I need a date) work Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar into your routine. If you don’t see results than I will be shocked. It’s a miracle. If you need a fabulous cleanser than Meg from is telling you, check out Clarks Botanicals Skin Clearing Face and Body Wash!


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