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Every other week Desertdoll brings you dream items on Fabulous Fridays!

I’m a lucky girl, I’m the first to admit it. When Meg asked me to write Fabulous Fridays and went on to explain I’d be reviewing dream items at about the $100 mark, my Catholic upbringing instantly made me think that I wasn’t worthy of the honor. I got over that pretty quickly, about the time my first items arrived.

But while that makes me extremely blessed, I wonder about you, the lovely members of Megsmakeup. I can praise a $150 creme from here to eternity but where does that leave you, who may be on a budget and doesn’t have the luxury of being given these items? Believe it or not, I used these items even before I was given them. I’ve never been one to deny myself a beauty item I wanted. But more often than not, I had to be thrifty in order to get them. So over the next few months I will be bringing you some of the tips I’ve learned to help you save for and get what you want.

Tip #1: Me and 3 friends have always wanted to go to Hawaii. We’ve talked about it for years, but there’s always been an excuse that puts it off, usually money. So we started a Hawaii fund. Each gift giving holiday, rather than presents we make a deposit to the fund. It’s been about a year, we’ve got over $1000 and we’re another year away from an amazing tropical blow out. Why not start a fund like this with a few friends? After a set amount of time, treat yourselves to a day at the spa and pick up a luxury item for each other on the way out.

May I suggest a Clarisonic? I will tell you right now, this is worth ever candle/purse/vase you decline to buy for each other. This just may be the best Fab Friday item I’ve ever received. And if you read my posts, that’s saying A LOT!

The supersonic Melissa sent me 2 Clarisonics to review, the standard model and the adorable pink limited edition one. With every sale of this beauty the company is making a $10 donation to fight Breast Cancer. So it only seemed fitting to feature this amazing skin care device in October during Breast cancer awareness month.

Moving at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, there’s 2 movements that work on your skin. The deepest cleaning occurs with the flexing action between the inner and outer bristles, going into your pores to loosen dirt and oil. While the Oscillating motion of the inner brush further cleans, clarifies and stimulates your skin. A few of the benefits of Clarisonic are 6X more makeup removal, increased product absorption, helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes and the appearance of visible pores, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some big claims, all of them true I am pleased to report. But read my review for proper gushing.

If you want to buy your own, do us a favor and buy it through our link. Your purchases (this and others) help us continue to bring you all the joy and craziness that is Megsmakeup. And go for the pink one and do something positive for yourself and others who may be fighting Breast Cancer.

Ladies, if you know the wonders of the Clarisonic, let’s let everyone know why they need this!

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