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travelkitSunboy1 here! Hello gorgeous ladies of Megs Makeupland! First off I have to say sorry for being M.I.A. for so long. I was having a Morton Salt crisis (when it rains it pours….)Surprised I had to sort through that but I’m back! Revived, better and ready to take on anything life has got for me!

 A while back a brown box came to my door and it was from Meg. I was super excited! I opened it up and there was a sleek black tube with a killer logo on it. I was intrigued and excited to see what was inside! Well I have to admit when three pots of powder, a make up brush and some serum were dumped out I was a little perplexed. Maybe Meg meant to send this bronzer and primer powder to one of the lovely ladies? I quickly read the label on the tube and it said TRAVEL KIT FOR MEN!

 I then hopped online and read about this travel kit and see how I was supposed to use this stuff (I have to admit, I am a bad gay. I cringe when my friends would tell me we were doing brunch at the Abbey or we were going out for drinks at Rage.) Yes, I do enjoy shopping with my girls, ogling the hot new Prada pumps at Neiman’s and I will dress you up with all my love and put Rachel Zoe to shame! I just don’t do the whole makeup thing!

When I noticed there was a bronzer-horrible flashbacks of being attacked by my girls at the M.A.C. counter came flooding back and didn’t know what I was going to do with this stuff!

I took it into the bathroom and decided I’d be brave and give it a go. Being the bad gay that I am, I didn’t know how to apply the bronzing powder so the first try was a total crash and burn moment. I had a huge bronze oval on my forehead. Through a little trial and error I have gotten used to applying said bronzer, I absolutely love this stuff! Now I typically go for the more fair, light skinned approach in my appearance but just a touch of this stuff gave my skin the perfect sun kissed look I enjoy sometimes without having to deal with a sunburnt body along with it. Along with the bronzer there was some Finale Finishing Powder and Saúde Pele Radiance Booster which I also absolutely love! I have gotten into the habit of using this combination on a daily basis.

I even have my own technique for applying all three powders now. The applicator pad that comes with them holds too much and goes on real splotchy so for the bronzer I shake some onto that and then pick it up from the pad with the brush that is also included and just lightly dust it on the tops of my brow, nose, cheeks and chin and I have a great soft tint that just makes me look fresh and gives me a healthy glow.

Next, I use the Finishing Powder and Radiance Booster I just lightly swirl the brush around in the pot and pick up just a little bit of dust and just brush it all over my face for a highlighting glow all over (I was excited about this because I was always in love with Dandelion face powder from Benefit but knew it would never work on me).

Lastly, the Revitalizing Facial Serum is one thing that I was super excited from the get go, I am a “serum” fanatic! It has a lovely green and citrusy scent (orange leaves perhaps?) great stuff and a few days after using it I noticed my skin was brighter which is always a plus. The one bummer about it is that it’s only 4ml and from what I’ve researched it’s only available in the men’s travel kit so I would end up with a stockpile of bronzer et al just for my prized serum. Now I wanted to give the powder a couple weeks testing time to be sure that I didn’t praise it and then a week later I end up with a rash or something. I’m happy to report that no allergic reaction, no clogged pores, no “M.A.C.” face, just a great glow be it a healthy tinted one or a bright illuminating one, I recommend you gals tell all your gay/metro boys about this stuff and get them using it!

For all you greenies out there you’ll be happy to know that Christopher Drummond is “100% natural, organic-based cosmetics that contain natural antioxidants, such as Açai, green tea, calming botanicals, balancing essential oils, and anti-inflammatory soy isoflavones” and I’m sure all of us know that is a major plus. For more Sunboy1 check out his blog!

So what do you ladies think about makeup for men? Why should you ladies have all the fun when it comes time to hide or highlight skin issues?

Check Out Christopher Drummond here!

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