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cetaphilGigi here! Okay, let’s be candid and have a “Dr. Phil moment” now.  I’ve cheated several times throughout the years.  It wasn’t always pretty and there were repercussions and damage control to do afterward.  I didn’t discuss my episodes with others but wondered how many others did what I did.  Some were brief dalliances, and then I had full-throttle love affairs whose pleasures nearly justified my deceit.  Before I go further, I’m talking about using different facial soaps and skin cleansers throughout my life, never staying loyal to just one—what were you thinking?  For shame!
In high school, Cuticura’s deep blue and Neutrogena’s golden bar soaps kept my skin clear.  Another wonder?  Ivory soap, pure and simple.  Before I am run out of this site by a group of wilding Megheads, please listen.  I’ve had more women with flawless complexions tell me that they have used only Ivory and that less is more.   My only question with the brand is why a bar that is 99 and 44/100% pure stings my eyes so viciously.  It must be something in the missing .56%.
A wise reader of this site, hao9703, e-mailed me and mentioned that she has run the gamut when it comes to cleansing, from Kinerase (can you say “mucho dinero down the draino?”) to Cetaphil® and asked if there is much difference between drugstore and department store formulas.  She is a wise steward of her resources.  Her message told me that she fully comprehended why I try to point out that women often—not always—pay mainly for name recognition and packaging and I did a dance of joy.  Without a dissection of formulas, more products than you know have the same key ingredients and only the names and places where they are purchased differentiate them.  Thank you for writing and allowing me to come clean, literally and figuratively.  My favorite all-time cleansers have included Cetaphil® for years now and I was ecstatic that you mentioned it.  I had meant to critique it a long time ago.  Their slogan is “Every Age.  Every Stage.  Every Day.”  Gee, I wish I had thought of that because it’s absolutely true.

Cetaphil® Daily Facial Cleanser is a product to which I continually return, and both Cetaphil® formulas have a solid fan base with the respected beauty-savvy of the world, with good reason—they deliver on their promises.  This one is a clear liquid with a subtly and sweetly clean scent.  It is intended for normal-to-dry skin and works well at removing oil and grime as it washes away the remains of the day (about $6.99).  The pump dispenser is quite handy.  Stylemama, Carole, and the growing tea tree oil cult can add a drop or two of your addiction with no adverse effects (The “Got Tea Tree Oil?” T-shirts and hoodies will be coming out in time for Christmas, so relax.  You’ll make it until then).  It lathers minimally and rinses clean, clearing away residue which may clog pores and produce breakouts.  It is irritant-free.
What truly fascinates me is the Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Types, oily included.  The large pump bottle sells for $10.99.  With cold weather fast approaching, this unique unscented luxurious gel will offer comfort from unforgiving wind, snow, and skin-destroying dry indoor heat.  When the company says it’s for everyone, they do mean everyone.  The mamas of the gorgeous bambinas and bambinos at which I stare continually on my computer will enjoy this—it is gentle enough to be used on your little ones.  Just how gentle?  You and baby can clean yourselves together and enhance your bathing experiences.  No water available?  The product will purify skin when you rub it in tenderly and dab away any excess with a cloth.  Yes, it can be left on delicate tissue! It, too, works to remove oil and debris which can cause breakouts and is non-comedogenic.
My favorite is to use it liberally and indulge myself in the silky feeling—it is like liquid satin when applied to skin.  Your hands and throat will benefit immediately as well.  Rinse away and blot—it’s an instantly new and improved you!  I find this excellent all year round, but especially now.  Actually, for deep-down grime removal, use the Gentle Skin Cleanser first, remove, and finish with the Daily Facial Cleanser.  Lipids bond with lipids to eliminate them fully.  In modeling school we had a routine for makeup removal and it always began with Pond’s Cold Cream and ended with another product.  The difference in your skin is noticeable whether you wear makeup or not.
This wise woman pointed out that she enjoys bar soaps and I see her reasoning—they are much easier to handle for travel or to tuck in a desk drawer, as there are no messy drips or unexpected leaks.  Cetaphil® offers the bar version as well.  Visit the company site itself at and learn more about the evolution of this mighty product, initially created only for dermatologists.  While you’re there, print out retail coupons and save yourself some green under “Retail Promotions.”  Thank you, Hao9703, for taking a proactive stand at Meg’s and prompting and interesting me in discussing the full beauty of Cetaphil® for us all.   I applaud and thank you!

Who else uses Cetaphil as a staple?

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