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here! One of the greatest parts of having is that I am lucky enough to get to meet the top experts in the field. Dr. Barney Kenet is one of the most respected dermatologist’s in the country. Let’s take a quick recap on his bio, he’s no slacker…

University of Pennsylvania, Brown Medical School, completed his internship at Beth Israel/Harvard Medical, residency in dermatology at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. That’s where he is the assistant attending physician and also directs surgical training for dermatology residents. Not too shabby. Oh yeah, he’s also written books with his genius wife, Patricia Lawler on “How to Wash Your Face” (endorsed by his patient Demi Moore)and the book <a “Saving Your Skin” (endorsed by Dr. Alan Houghton, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.)

He also found the time to publish Fitzpatrick’s Journal of Clinical Dermatology. He’s also President of the American Melanoma Foundation AND New York Magazine has named Dr. Kenet “Best Doctor’s List” for the past fifteen years! All of a sudden I am feeling like the world’s greatest underachiever!

Think this guy might know a little something about skin?

He’s got the super duper establishment’s respect. How about the respect of another American institution? Yes, the institution of celebrity!Big names loves Dr. Kenet (these are only the ones I’m allowed to mention) Edward Norton, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly, our own Goddess Granny  and a hot young yummy that I can’t mention but do want to stalk Dr. Kenet’s office over! You’re going to tell me when he’s in, right Dr.?

We’ve got every institution touting Dr. Kenet so I wanted you to meet him. He’s so zen and soft spoken. He relaxes everyone and makes his medical dermatology practice like taking a spa day. I wish I had a better taping device with me then my iphone, the sound is soft but you just need to listen a bit closer. I can’t have a camera following me around 24 hours a day (believe me, if you only knew how hard I try to!)

Because the sound isn’t the greatest, I’m going to recap a few things that I learned.

Dr. Kenet’s Skin care kits, both for Clear Skin and for Anti-Aging are marked With the days of the week that you’re supposed to use them right on the bottle! I know sometimes I hop in the shower and what day of the week it is, that’s probably the only thing I know some mornings. It’s a regimen that some tell me, is like when you work out at the gym (like I go to a gym.) Work the skin on one day with an aggressive cleanse and then baby and pamper it the next day with the companion product.

What about Sunday? Sunday is the PH Polisher! Other soaps or products can give your PH balance vertigo! Your skin should not feel tight or dry after you wash it. That’s not good. That means, the ph balance of your skin is being disturbed. You  want your skin to be slightly acidic, by making it slightly acidic your  skin will feel soft and comfortable. Use this scrub once a week to really switch it up. I liken it to when you stop using your same shampoo and conditioner constantly, whenever I change the routine up I get great results.

Of course, the dermatologist throws in a daily sunscreen because (I don’t have to tell you why!!)

Goddess Granny already went crazy love over the 24k Gold Serum! She really flipped for it. Every beauty editor that tries it loves not only how soft is makes your skin but how well it primes your makeup. It’s an investment, but one that has first timer’s turning into loyal devotee’s!

I hope you enjoy the video, I hope you cut me some slack on the sound and I hope you do a lot of research when picking a dermatologist. I realize Dr. Kenet is the “gold standard” but don’t let just anyone pick at your face (unless it’s me, I’m sick like that. I love to pick) If you’re in the market for a new skin line from an expert then give Dr. Kenet’s a try!

How many of you regularly see a dermatologist? Why? How often? What made you pick that doctor?

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