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I really like wine. I know Meg does too. You know why I like it? Simple really, it tastes good; its alcohol; its classy; last but not least, its good for you (in moderation of course). That’s awesome! I’m on a pretty big red wine kick, especially French wine – mostly because I just spent several months in France. Any of the Chinon reds are good, I like Cote du Rhone, or the Alsace Rieslings are great if you want a sturdy white wine – good in the winter. Greek wines are interesting too – they’re very dry and much different tasting – but after a couple sips you love them. This post was actually inspired when I was watching my Tivo’d episode of The Starter Wife on USA with Debra Messing last weekend. Her friend shows up at her door with a bottle of Chateau Haut Smith Lafitte – a French Bordeaux. I was so excited – I’d only heard of this wine – but never actually seen a bottle. It made me really thirsty!

Do you know what this wine and makeup have in common? Lot’s actually! The Skincare line, Caudalie, is made at the vineyards of Chateau Haut Smith Lafitte – outside of Toulouse, in Southwestern France! (Pretty much my favorite skincare brand ever!) I know! That’s so cool! Wine is good for you – so why wouldn’t the bi-products from the vines, seeds, and grapes be good for your skin? Well, it turns out, they are! Grape seeds are high in the anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C,& E. The skins of red grapes also contain Resveratrol, a phytoalexin (plants’ versions of antibodies) that has anti-aging, anti-cancer benefits (so far only tested on non-human subjects). Resveratrol is in all of their Silver anti-aging line. Since 2006, the entire line has been paraben free since last year – so its great for you organic gurus too!

Say you came in to see me in Sephora – you told me you were oily, perhaps prone to acne but still concerned about anti-aging? What would I recommend for you to use in the Caudalie line? Well – this is what i’d tell you! Cleanse your face with the Foaming Cleanser – which smells great and takes off eye makeup ($25). Then, you get your treatment and moisture all in one step. Use the Vinopure Mattifying Fluid ($49) as your moisturizer and mix in a couple drops of the Purifying Concentrate ($39) and a couple drops of the Vinoperfect ($78) along with one or both of your toners (Beauty Elixir – $49 or Grape Water $12). Their Contour eye-cream ($52) is fabulous for puffiness, redness, and dark circles! Once a week you could use the Gentle Buffing Cream ($34) to exfoliate and the Vinopure Mask ($40) (don’t sleep in in – leave on ONLY 20 minutes) to extract clogged pores! Your skin would be GORGEOUS in no time!

The Vinoperfect is their superstar product. It’s anti-aging, because of the resveratrol. It also helps to correct sun-damage because of the vitamin C. You can add a couple drops of the serum to any moisturizer. You will totally see a difference in tone, firmness, and resilience of your skin. You NEED this.

Their body products are great – they have three scrubs ($35 each) that come in cute little jars – one for every taste. The Cabernet scrub is crushed grape seeds and is a great pre self-tan exfoliant. The Merlot Scrub is a sugar scrub, if that tickles your fancy. The Sauvignon scrub has tiny micro-nylon beads so its gentle enough to use on face and body! It’s the same beads as the Buffing Cream for the face! Not to mention their yummy-scented shower gels ($19), heavenly and addictive lip balm ($12), and the great Gentle Cleanser ($25)(for dryer skins) and the Cleansing Water ($22) (waterless cleanser/eye makeup remover).

Do you ladies have any Caudalie Success Stories? Any questions for me? I’d love to hear! See y’all next week!

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