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When you see the brand Caudalie you should think of several things: France, grapes, and Kate2004Rock. You should probably open a bottle of wine to read the rest, I’ll wait…

You see, it’s Kate’s love of the line that introduced most of us here to it. It became crystal clear as we got to know her-she’s cuckoo for Caudalie! Go ahead, scan her close to 400 posts for the skin care items… “Yeah, this is ok but (enter Caudalie product here) is so much better!”

It was especially evident when she wrote one of her first Saturdays at Sephora posts about the line. It was a glowing post and I then knew I had to see what all the fuss was about.

When I contacted the lovely Gwen to see if I could review something for Fab Fridays, it turns out we weren’t the only ones noticing Kate’s devotion. She said that she had forwarded her post to the sales team, and that they loved the site and would be happy to send us product. I guess when you have products as amazing as this, you want to share. Let’s take a sip of our wine in Gwen’s honor!

All their items are loaded to the brim with things proven to make your skin beam. Along side usual culprits like Vitamins A and C, you’ll also find some ingredients unique to Caudalie, all found in the fabulous grape.

• Polyphenols extracted from grape seeds are exceptional anti-oxidants and combat free radicals. What’s a free radical, you ask? Nastiness generated by light, pollution, smoke, etc. that cause 80% of skin aging. These Polyphenols are proven 10,000 times more effective in combating free radicals than Vitamin E. I’ll drink to that.

• Resveratrol comes from the stalks and stems and is basically the defense system of the grape vine (did you know there are vines that are 10,000 years old?) This extract has been patented by Caudalie. It’s another powerful anti-oxidant but also improves the skin’s elasticity, radiance and tone. Beneath the surface it stimulates cell renewal without the adverse, harsh side effects of retinol or fruit acids. Worthy of a toast, wouldn’t you say?

I got 3 items to review for Fab Friday, a day moisturizer- Radiance Day Fluid SPF8, a night moisturizer- Vinoperfect Night Correcting Cream and their legendary Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Plus 2 extra moisturizers I shared with other members. I’ll talk about the moisturizers more in my review (here’s a hint, they’re divine). What I want to highlight here is the Serum.

Here’s what Caudalie says: “This satiny serum is a remarkable formula for smoother, brighter-looking skin. Vinoperfect boosts the complexion’s radiance and appearance. Your skin is moisturized and luminous. Your complexion looks even and beautifully radiant. Ideal for all skin types. Formulated for those who wish to enhance their skin’s radiance, tone and clarity.”

Let me just say, all of it’s true. Every word. I LOVE this serum. It’s got a really refreshing scent, goes on super light and absorbs quickly (unlike a lot of heavy serums I’ve tried). And in a few days I noticed my skin looked brighter. With continued use, I have a more even tone and yes, I do look rather luminous! I have never gotten more compliments on my skin since I’ve started using this. For that alone, this has a permanent spot on my vanity.

We have a separate review coming in the next few weeks for the Cleansing Water, but if you’d like to share about the magic of any other Caudalie products, please do.

Oh, and just go ahead and finish the bottle of wine, there’s only a little left (hic)!

Caudalie – Buy it Here!

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