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Just two days dolls, until the whole holiday season jumps into full swing! It’s Chichi here with another Green Chi Tuesday and this week I am thankful to be talking about our beloved Caudalie and their Cleansing Water!

Every year I start off my season with a fabulous Desert Thanksgiving Feast with liberacejr (he’s the Will to my Grace), Desertdoll and her rock star husband. We spend four lazy, food and drink filled days just hanging around, playing games and enjoying the beauty of the desert. It’s always great to spend some relaxing time with my West Coast family before getting all wound up in the holiday madness. It’s normally just the four of us, but you would never know by looking at our Thanksgiving table groaning under the weight of enough food to feed the Dugger Family.

Honestly, I always feel a little guilty at the abundance of food on our table. So, in keeping with our Green Chi Tuesday Philosophy of trying to make a small difference in our world I am directing you to America’s Second Harvest, ( the Nation’s Largest Food Bank who work to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. If you go to their homepage you can find a number of ways to contribute. You can search for a local food bank to see how you can donate time or food to your community. Or you can make a donation directly to America’s Second Harvest. Every dollar you donate helps provide 20 pounds of food and grocery products to men, women and children facing hunger in our country. I just made my donation and I feel so good about it! I know I’m blessed and lucky and it’s nice to able to share. So, before you sit down with friends and family for your Thanksgiving feast, take a moment to explore this site and see what you can do to help others who are less fortunate.

All right, I am now climbing back into the shallow end of the pool, so we can talk about how thankful I am for Caudalie and their amazing line of grape based, natural skin products. Desert doll and KateRock have already given you the lowdown on this French based line here and here. All the products we have seen are highly effective, vitamin packed, smell fantastic, feel luxurious and are all natural.

The wonderful Gwen sent a package of the Caudalie Cleansing Water for our testers. This soap-free water is a multi-tasking, three-in-one cleanser, makeup remover, and toner for face and eyes that gently, yet thoroughly cleanses and removes makeup. Caudalie claims that Micellar water captures dirt like tiny “dirt magnets” and sweeps it away without rubbing, while the soothing and hydrating active ingredients work to add radiance.

I am a contact lens wearer and this was great for my sensitive eyes. It cleaned away all of my make-up (even water proof mascara) without stinging my eyes. It is not greasy and there is no oily residue left afterwards. I like to use this all over my face as a sort of pre-treatment, before washing my face. It whisks away all of my make-up so I feel like with one wash my skin is thoroughly clean. Here’s my secret plan: I’m keeping this bottle and some cotton pads in Desertdoll’s guest room. That way when I collapse into bed from too much food and champagne, I can clean the make -up from my face without a trip to the bathroom. (Note: this is not recommended but sometimes you have to make exceptions to your nightly rituals!)

Testers, please let us know if you were thankful to receive Caudalie’s Cleansing Water!

Caudalie – Buy it Here!

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