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The frisky, feline friendly, fantastic female’s Gil and Cat at Cat Cosmetics sent Megsmakeup out some of their Skin Double Foundation to test. Foundation is a total make it or break it. No matter how great your eyes and lips look, you can’t get away with a botched complextion. I was having lunch a few years back at a Hollywood biz Beverly Hills restaurant called Kate Mantilini. Who walked in and sat an arms lenght, table away from me? Cameron Diaz. Except (I’m so glad I’m not famous and have bitches like me writing snotty things about me, I’d cry) it didn’t even look like Cameron Diaz. I mean it was totally her but I was shocked. Her poor face was an absolute mess. I think she must have been picking at it with some seriously sharp tools. It was red, blotchy, zitty just awful. You didn’t notice her smile or eyes. I guess you can’t have everything.

Poor dear, when I have a zinger I don’t even want to leave the house. I can’t imagine having a bad skin day and having pap’s follow me around with a long lens. I admire her “devil may care” attitude to show up to such a hotspot looking like that. She must be a sweet person. A woman of substance who values what’s on the inside. Hahaha, I can’t even type that. She dated Jared Leto, Matt Dillon and JT for godsake. Cameron, seriously, read on. You should maybe click the buy it here.

Here’s what Cat say’s about Skin Double “Because your skin tone is rarely ever the same on any given day, I made sure to put not one, but two shades in each compact of my Skin Double Foundation. That way, you can use one color alone, or mix and match to make a custom color for your tone that day. On days when you don’t want an all-over foundation, use this product as a concealer. It’s never too dry, never too powdery, always fabulous! The coverage is controlled by you! Sponge included in hidden compartment under foundation’.

Ladies please post whether you liked Skin Double so much you could eat at a chic lunch spot on your worst break-out day!

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