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The frisky and formidable Gillion from Cat Cosmetics sent Megs Makeup out some of their Super Euro Goat Kabuki brushes to test.

Cat is pretty clever with her package of this brush. My sink looks like a tornado has hit by the time I’m finished applying all of my potions. At least I don’t have to stare at my brushes! With Cat’s Open Sesameow brush collection all I have to do is close the lid and all of my tools are hidden away. The Kabuki brush posed a problem. I wanted to hide it, just because I need a zillion brushes to get my make-up on does not mean I want my guests to see all of my secret weapons!

I think Cat must have had this problem. Her Kabuki brush looks like she asked Coach to design it the perfect luxury home. This Kabuki case is genius! A gorgeous black case with cool white stitching. It fits perfectly inside and snaps neatly shut. I can proudly display this expensive looking case on my sink and look quite the glamour girl! Makes my powder room tornado free!

The brush itself is just as nice as the case! Perfect fullness and silky soft for the face. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect one for the body. Its size is great for strictly neck and up!

Here’s what Cat Cosmetics Say about their Kabuki brush..”This is the Rolls Royce of brushes. It’s portable and soft beyond soft. Use it as an all-over duster or just to blush the apple of your cheeks. It’s perfect for bronzers, powder, and any other cheek or face color. Now comes with a soft finish vegan leather hard case to protect your investment. Gwen the “Parcel Princess” lovingly refers to them as treasure chests”

Ladies please post if Cat’s Kabuki Brush made you feel as though you had a Rolls in your garage!

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