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Hello there, ladies! Goddess Granny here who was SO excited to get her first “Senior Discount” at the movies last Friday! (I got “carded” and was giggling like a loon at the ticket window).

I am pasty and proud…that is my mantra most days. I have tried spray on’s, smear on’s,andcome on’s to no avail and with little hope of any color-deposit except some polka-dotted pores and sordid looking streaks.I am simply not meant to be tan in any way and have come to accept this fact.

Although I admire the “Goth Glam” look on many, it simply doesn’t suit my lifestyle and I’m not sure my grandkids would think Mimi in black lipliner was that cool? Soooooooo…..I havefound a few “cheats” that allow me to look a bit “glowier” (is that a word? LOL!) withoutthe emotional distress and mess throughout the years but am always in search of perfection!

Oh…and let’s NOT forget that any exposure to the sun (and that DOES include tanning beds)”ages”us all terribly and should be avoided at all costs,I’m serious here girls.

I have read about “Cat Cosmetics” here on Meg’s and although good-intent has been there to order up a passle of products, I simply hadn’t gotten to it yet. When I received a cute lil’compact from Cat Cosmetics to try I was delighted: nice small size, good little mirror, and a sassy gold cat on top. Pretty although rather bright coraly-orange-peach cream inside.Would it be too”Halloween-y” on me?

From Cat:“No matter what the weather, look like you’ve spent a fresh day in the sun with Beach Cheeks. This crème blush works great on bare skin or over foundation and will give you a sun-kissed glow.” Can I just say this woman (Catherine Hickland) is sooooo STINKIN’ GORGEOUS it isn’t even fair?

I apply my “I can’t live without this anymore” Boots #7 foundation on (see my profile) and every lil’ yuckie is covered and smooth so I’m ready to dip into this lil’ pot…very creamy, very nice consistancy…dab a bit on my cheeks and WOW! Almost no blending needed and I look GREAT! Gives a believeable “glow” to my cheeks so I hit up the bridge of my nose and temples…looking a LOT less pasty and nicely glowing at this point! The product totally made my entire face come alive and the looked completely “natural” (not a big fan of that word,HA!) and polished with a heck of a lot more “sun-kissed” color than usual! Lasted most of the day and even my husband noticed that I looked like I just had great sex.

Can’t say enough about this very reasonably priced product: portable and chic and I think it would work well on any/all skintones. It looks much brighter in the compact but I’ve found that the “brighter blushes” DO work better as a rule.The shade is just fabulous on, it DOES make one look younger and fresher, and envokes that perfect Summer day on the beach in Malibu we all wish we were having right now…

This one from Cat is a winner for me, hands down!


AND she offers free shipping over $75.00,always an incentive for me.ALSO,if you you go to the “Homepage”,she is also having a 20% off sale right now as well…SCORE!

Any other Cat-Aholics?

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