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catsmolder SharonD here! After watching Meg telling us about the “overnighter” I got to thinking of other handy multi use makeup. Even higher on the list are the ones that are easy to use and deliver first class results.  In my opinion, Cat Cosmetic’s Smolder Shadow/Liner Duo is one of the best in that department.  This product was reviewed on Meg’s almost three years ago to the day, but feel it is worth bringing to everyone’s attention again.

I was introduced to Cat Cosmetics many, many years ago quite by accident.  I accidentally received a neighbors Soap Opera Digest magazine in the mail and naturally paged though it.  There was a column called Product Queen written by Catherine Hickland that caught my eye.  The article was very informative, including her rating of a few products and mentioned you could go to her site and read past columns.  At that time I was looking everywhere for any bit of information on makeup reviews.  I looked up those articles and discovered Catherine had her own makeup line, Cat Cosmetics.  I was so impressed by all the positive ratings of her products and knew I needed to try a few.   I telephoned Cat Cosmetics to ask a few last minute questions and talked to the lovely Gillian, Cat’s hard working VP of graphics and development, who quickly answered all my questions.  Since I am very much concerned on what goes into products and how they affect not only the environment, but how they will affect me, I was heartened to hear that Catherine Hickland is a firm believer in the connection between looking good and feeling good.

My first purchase was the Six Kitten and I was very impressed.  My second order included Smolder among other items.  Smolder has to be one of the most versatile eye makeup products out there.  One end is a coppery eye shadow and the other end is a noir eye liner.  Both products are solid yet creamy soft stick and very easy to apply.  You can just glide them on and go or use your fingers or brush to blend.  I find them so easy to use I can do my eyes while at the stop light and feel confident I did a good job.  They are long lasting, non-creasing or running, and do not lose their color intensity throughout the day.  I think this product is one that not only needs to be in everyone’s purse, but on the vanity easily within reach. Also another twist of fate took place on Cat’s chat area.  She was preparing to close the chat area and mentioned Meg’s Makeup as a wonderful site to find reviews on all brands of makeup.

Ordering on Cat Cosmetics online store is quick and easy.  She also has a ground based store in NYC.  Products are packaged professionally and delivered within a week.  Signing up for emails entitles you to all sorts of discounts. This months discount is 20% off your whole order.  The site also has a link to the litterbox which has products that have been minimally damaged in packaging, a fake jewel fell off, or any other little mistake that does not allow it to be sold as perfect. Of course these little problems entitle you to even more discounts.  I have ordered from the litterbox and found no problems with the product itself.

What Cat Cosmetics Item gets you purring? Do tell!

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