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Hello DD devotees! Rachael Robbins here I’m writing to you from my Iphone, as I wait for my general contractor to get to my house and tell me why my newly carpeted basement, where my computer as well as all my shoes are, is slowly filling up with water. Yeah, major bummer. Not enough of a bummer to stop me from bring you the best of my DD’s!

But thank goodness there are new and wonderful DD’s to keep my spirits high!!

Ok, so in my last mailing from Meg I got a few things from Sally Hansen (Meg is always hooking me up with potential DD goodies!). At close inspection I noticed that these particular Sally products were inspired by the beloved Carmindy from the hit show “What Not To Wear”. Now I know my next statement might insight another online lynching of yours truly, but…….I HATE THAT SHOW!!! My hatred is compounded by the fact that my mother is constantly quoting the show to me. No, I mean it, CONSTANTLY! To the point where she now calls it “that show you don’t like me to talk about”. But she still talks about it! I figured that I would quickly check out the products and then quickly pass them onto her.

That’s not what happened.

What did happen when I tried the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Foundation in “True Beige”? I returned my newly purchased Armani Foundation right back to the Sak’s 5th Ave from where it came! This foundation is amazing! It has the perfect, most natural coverage. There is nothing cheap about the quality of this foundation. But here’s the best part: you do not need any powder to set it. It kind of sets itself without looking greasy or settling into fine lines. Its a well known fact that powder actually ages the look of your skin so if there is a product that can let me skip that step, I’m a believer! Also, often times applying blush or bronzer directly over foundation causes a blotchy effect. But not with this foundation! This stuff made my skin look flawlessly and naturally perfect! I felt like it took 5 years off my age.

I really can’t rave enough about Carmindy’s Sally Hansen line. I’m so excited to explore the entire range!

I know we got a bunch of stuff to try soy ladies please say exactly what it is you got!

I love the Carmindy for Saly Hansen line so much I may have to start watching the show! What did you ladies think?

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