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Cargo 7 in 7 kit – pure genious!
Katie here! Certainly, no one wants to get up earlier in the morning than they really must.  Personally, I try to squeeze the morning routine into an hour!  But if you think about it, there’s still a lot to do in the morning!  Wash face, brush teeth, make bed, fix breakfast, pack lunch, gather books/papers for the day, find keys, pick out clothes.  It can take a really long time!  And putting on your makeup is not even on that list.  I wear a full face more or less every day.  Not a full foundation — usually  just a tinted moisturizer for complextion – but the rest of it its all there: Concealer, Bronzer, Blush, Eye Primer, Mascara, Shadow, Brow Pencil, Mascara, and gloss!  That’s really a long list!  Oh not to mention the time I have to spend digging through my vault-o-makeup to find the pieces.

I think the whiz’s at Cargo have really hit the high notes with their 7 in 7 kit!  They’ve pieced it all together for you in one convenient kit!  For $60 you get EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING that you need for a full face – to get it all on in seven minutes!  It contains OneBase™, an Essential eye Palette, Brown Eye Pencil, LashActivator mascara, a Beach Blush, a Reverse LipLiner and a LipGloss.  It even includes instructions for applications on a static-cling sticker to apply to your mirror for reminders!

Who else is a fan of Cargo!?


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