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Don’t you love that section in magazines where the show you a ridiculously priced item and then a comparable one for WAY less moolah? I always say, there is no high like a bargain for women. Personally, it’s my favorite drug! Sometimes only the best will do, but I know there are steals out there and I’m going to try to bring them to my DD’s section as much as possible.

One of my most treasured and trusted products, that is a staple in my beauty routine is Darphin’s Jasmine Aromatic Care. It says it’s for ‘mature skin’ but if you ask me, anything after 27 and you’re fighting an uphill battle. If I put this stuff on my face at night, under my night cream, an in the morning I wake up with a rosy, dewy complexion. It’s especially great if you’ve the spent the night out boozing, smoking and hitting on cute, but vapid model/actor boys with names like “General” or “Mustang”. But that’s another post for another type of blog. Darphin describes this oil as “an aromatic, smoothing and revitalizing essence of well-being nourishes and helps improve elasticity. It renews natural radiance, sooths & revitalized skin, and improves elasticity”.. However, at $100 for 0.5 oz, this is FAR from a DD!!!

So, I have a “steal” option for you!! Burt’s Bees Repair Serum for around $15, you get 1 oz of the yummiest, moisturizing oil that will aid in the reduction of fine lines, and “supports the renewal and repair of the most delicate and demanding skin conditions, with the intensely concentrated elixirs of concentrated antioxidants found in green tea, attar of rose, and natural essential fatty acids”. It gives my skin the same dewy feeling when I wake up in the morning. Just be careful not to get it too close to your eyes, it can sting a little bit. Hey, for fifteen bucks, you can’t have it all, but with Burt’s Bees Repair Serum, you get pretty darn close!!

Ladies, Any Burt’s Bees loyalists? What’s you miracle DD face cream? Let us know!

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