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The creamy complexioned Stephanie from Bliss was nice enough to send Megsmakeup out some of their Bliss Change Your Spots to test.

You know, I have seen and heard so many awesome zit zappers and blemish ridders lately that I’m starting to think being a teenager in the nineties was really a bum deal. Back then if I had a breakout I had Oxy. I guess Clearasil was out then too but I just remember Oxy. It was confusing because I knew I needed to dry out my zit but then they had all these confusing levels. Did I need 5? Was 10 enough? Oh hell, I wanted it gone! I would just grab super maximum and drop a huge amount on my offender and go to bed. In the morning my zit would be gone! Along with the top 3 layers of my skin, I would now be left flakey and red and irritated. Great.

However, I am glad in a way that I missed out on the whole MySpace craze. If that had been around when I was 13 I would definitely be running a small country by now, or more likely be on a Dateline special.

I had an adult blemish pretty recently (after age of 20 “zit” is a refined “blemish”) I decided to be a good girl and not pick. I grabbed Bliss Change Your Spots and in the morning my offender was barely there. The best part? I still had skin!

Here’s what Bliss says about Change Your Spots..“What it is: A serious overnight acne treatment with 2 percent salicylic acid, oil absorbers, alpha-hydroxy acids, and pigment preventing licorice extract. What it is formulated to do: Works overnight to diminish the appearance of blemishes and to dry up excess oil. Also, helps to lighten the hyper pigmented dark spots that are sometimes left on skin long after acne clears up. What else you need to know: Can be used the day of or after waxing to prevent bumps, breakouts, and ingrown hairs.”

Ladies please post if Change Your Spots left you clear or if you need the face burn-off factor to feel cured ?

Buy It Here -BLISS

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