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Jeanasina here and I’m getting down to the final product at the bottom of my seemly bottomless product filled hot pink bag from Meg!  Today, in the same manner Meg bravely did in putting it out there with her photograph without any makeup on (awesome!), I’m going one step further and displaying my – THIS-IS-AN-ACTUAL-PHOTOGRAPH-OF-ME-WITH-A-BIOTROPICS-MASK-ON most embarrassing photo!  It’s as REAL as it gets!  It’s not for the faint of heart or squeamish!  LOL!
First some facts: Biotropics was founded with the mission of popularizing Malaysian herbal traditions and respecting time-honored ingredients. Biotropics researchers combined the best available ingredients, many indigenous to the Malaysian rainforest, and designed first-of-their-kind products to meet the health and wellness needs of modern women and men.  They have several products that focus on sexual vitality and reproductive health too!
I was quite riveted with the information I did find out and excited to try the Relaxing Face Mask that was sent to me by Meg!  Anything that comes from the lush and breath-taking rain forest is something I would like to experience without question!  Have you seen the animals that live there?  They are THRIVING visions of breathtaking life! Just the words ‘rain forest’ conjures up images of dewy, succulent, beautiful leaves! –  Maybe my skin could get dewy and beautiful from their products!   Let me tell you everything I did read really was quite fascinating!  Ramuan tradition holds that outer beauty is a manifestation of inner health & balance!  What a lovely perspective!
Let’s talk now about the actual Relaxing Face Mask made by Biotropics Ramuan Spa.  It comes in a little 4×6 sealed packet and is described as “A nourishing & revitalizing treatment to condition skin with Tongkat Ali Extract”.  On the back of the packet is says that “Tongkat Ali is prized for its legendary revitalizing effects.”  This invigorating face mask is blended with select fruit and seed extracts, along with herbal moisturizers and soothing agents.  “Use it for a gently uplifting freshness with glowing radiance.”

Before using the mask you are to wash your face with a gentle cleanser, so I’m thinking Soft Scrub would probably not be classified as a gentle cleanser.  When you open the packet (VERY gently at edges so you don’t rip the mask) you will pull out a very carefully folded mask that is pretty much sopping wet!   It’s a piece of rather thick paper which has eye and nose and mouth holes and you carefully put it on your entire face and smooth it over your skin and then do whatever you want to do for the next 10-15 minutes!  They caution that you should avoid eye and lip areas.  I actually took a photo of myself with the mask on to make a ‘surprise’ computer screensaver for my Harley Husband so he can tell everyone this is ‘the little woman he married!”  As you can see I have shared it with you, my good friends instead! It’s very cool and soothing and if you want to scare the crap out of random door to door sales dudes looking to build you a new roof, just open your front door with this baby on!!!!  They’ll scatter like your 52 tubes of lipsticks do when you accidently drop your make-up bag on the bus!  This is a ‘stay-the-hell-away-from-me-freak!’ repellant for sure!  I can tell you that not even a man in heat wants to make out or get it on with a woman who has a soaking wet piece of paper with eye and mouth holes on her face!  Total mood killer!  By the way, it’s really wet but it doesn’t drip down your neck or anything!  I did write some of this WITH the mask on – thus the reading glasses in the photo!
After 15 minutes I gently slid the still intact mask off of my face and at that point you are supposed to gently massage the rest of the remaining lotion from the mask into your skin, which I did. I have to tell you it says you will have glowing radiance…NOT A LIE!  Radiance indeed!  I loved it!  REALLY LOVED IT!  My face stayed with a rosy glow for quite awhile and I felt like my skin was refreshed and I gave every mirror in our house a chance to reflect back to me the fact that it wasn’t just the lighting – it was ME with really happy skin!  The only down side if there was any, is that I wish the mask included a section for your neck!  I’d buy this in a heartbeat!  It suggests doing it twice a week!  No idea the cost yet as their website really isn’t established enough to let you know where to buy this.  You can leave your information and they will contact you in the future.  However the website didn’t work very well for me – wouldn’t let me see the photos of their products and also the place where you leave your name really appears to be geared to businesses that want to see this product.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for this label!  I did read just today that you can find the Biotropics products at your GNC dealer THIS month, we are talking June 2009! If you don’t see the Biotropics line on their store shelves, you can ask the clerk to order them for you!

Does anyone else out there have any close up shots of beautification procedures to share with the class?    Come on!  I showed you mine – now show me yours!

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