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The other day someone questioned me how manly a Manly Monday could really be since I write for a beauty blog. And though my user name is WordsofWhimsy (Meg refuses to allow me to change this somewhat regrettable and whimsical choice of words) I believe I have a responsibility to champion the best products for men because men only want the best. We want the best lover, the best car (car probably goes first), the best job, the best sports team, so why would men want to settle for second rate hygienic products. Now I get it that some men are never going to try fancy body wash or eye creams but I’m going to discuss something that all men need…that all men secretly want (even if they don’t know it.)  Shaving is a daily necessity and unless your man is a cowboy, a civil war veteran, or a porn star it’s time for a shave…seriously. I had a mustache for a year in college and the only things I got out of it were a lot of fist pumps and girls always asking me for drugs. 

Shaving is a billion dollar industry and both Gillette and Schick have spent years of research ingraining their brands into the minds of your men. In fact you might not have known this but Gillette actually sends every 18 year old a free razor for his birthday. What’s the point I’m trying to make you’re asking…well the point is that if we’re going to get your men to try a better shaving product, we have our work cut out for us. This won’t happen overnight but with baby steps we can definitely enhance your man’s shaving experience. So without further ado, let me introduce you to  Billy Jealousy’s Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment. If your man has ever had a real manly shave at a barbershop (and if he hasn’t you just got yourself a last minute gift idea…wink) then he knows the warm and comforting feel of a hot towel wrapped around his face. Billy Jealousy bottles that experience in their Hot Towel formula. It’s simple to use heating up in seconds after applying to a moistened face and then using a traditional shave lather for a cleaner, closer shave.  

It says to avoid using this product if you have sensitive skin but actually my “man child” holds up very nicely when using  Now do you need this product to shave no…but do you really need a Ferrari to drive or a private jet to fly…the answer is no, but this product isn’t for the man who adheres to the norm. It’s for the man who wants “to bring a little heat” to his mundane routine…the man who wants a little luxury. So bring the barbershop to your man and have him looking and feeling like James Bond.           

Who buys cosmetic shaves for their guy? Would you?

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