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secretstuffMeg here! I get hate mail. I get it frequently. For every (thank-you) 100 people that can tolerate me, there’s always one nutter in the bunch that sends me an email that would use to make me upset. I used to respond to these lunatics and I know the saying “never reason with a crazy person.” I thought, because I am a crazy person responding to a crazy person we would be on equal ground. Nope, learn from my mistakes, just hit the delete button.

However, I went on a tirade over nothing working as well as botox and I’m standing by this. I am. Yes, that email garnered quite a few angry emails (really, you guys, vent the anger to someone that matters-surely you can find BP’s email!)

Anyway, off on a tangent-I got a few emails from some of my high-falutin’ friends telling me about Beverly Hills Beauty. I don’t know anything about it, I couldn’t even find a website for it. I asked one of my girlfriends to get me a picture. Have you ladies seen or heard of this stuff? Let me know.

There is some talk of it having “cell turn-over” I don’t know if that means stem cell, peptides, or growth hormones-but it’s getting some raves. The skinny in Hollywood is that this “Beverly Hills Beauty” is doing those limited releases to just celebs to build buzz (DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD! WHY AM I OFF YOUR LIST!) I try so hard and I am always Z- list! If I send out a petition to you all do you think I can get to Y? Totally willing to sleep with whoever, not that athletic though-not sure that would move me up on the list.

Don’t worry ladies, I’m blackmailing no fewer then 6 celebrities as we speak so I’m going to be able score us some (I’m actually not-celebs are not that smart so when I call and say “I took pictures” they let me in) Guilty much?

I try my best to bring you what really works and I say “botox is best” all the time. Have you been to one of these “Beverly Hills Beauty Parties?” Time for any closet celebrity to chime in because I know you read me because you told me that you did when I threatened you with that “picture” bit I do! (Sucker, I don’t even own a real camera.)Kiss

Let me know how I can get invited to these parties so I can hear about more “limited release celeb items” I want to break them to you! I’ll report more once I hear more about “Beverly Hills Beauty.”

Give me more tips then “I have a copy of the tape”. That one is getting so old I don’t think they believe me anymore!

Help me get to Y list with your tips and spill any dish on Beverly Hills Beauty!

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