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Meg here! Hello Monday! I’m just typing this up while watching the VMA’s and packing for my trip to New York City for fashion week! This is a quick trip and I’m going to try to get a lot done. I’ll be reporting to you what’s going on backstage and behind the scenes in the tents. To keep you lovelies in the loop on what’s going to be going on, I’ve added my twitter to tweet live on the homepage side here. If you’re on twitter you can follow me @megsmakeup.

While I’m in NYC I’m going to be doing a morning show on WPIX on Thursday September 16th. I’ll post the info as it gets closer so those of you in Manhattan can tune in. The segment’s topic is “Best Multi-Functional Products.” I know a lot of you are traveler’s so I hope you’ll give me some feedback on any multi-use products that you think I missed. This is a great topic since I’m trying to lug my suitcase around without throwing my back out!

1. Lorac Evening Out Complexion Kit $38
This is about the size of a cell-phone and it is a great “must have”. It comes with a gorgeous paraban free powder that offers full coverage. It also has a huge mirror (hat compacts with that teeny tiny mirror) It has a little drawer compartment that is fully attached and when you pop it open has two great concealers. You can use the lighter concealer to lighten and brighten the eye area and even highlight the brow and cheekbones. It provides wonderful coverage and if the shade is even slightly off you can mix it with the darker concealer to create the perfect match to blend away any imperfections. The creator, celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw has even included min-versions of her professional tools right inside. You get a great concealer brush and a quality and washable puff that even has a loop for your hands. This is such a time saver and you can even use it in your car if your in a rush. I keep mine in my purse at all times!

2. CatCosmetics Smolder $22
This is from Cat’s website but I’m basically saying the same thing (you’re going to love this) it’s awesome! Two amazing products in one! The “smoky eye” has been around since the 60’s and there is no sign of letting up. It just looks fantastic on everyone, at any age and at every degree of smolder! How do you get that look? It’s easy! I created an automatic eye shadow/eye liner duo to make it as fast and easy as 1-2-3. On one end, the bronze eye shadow stick glides on and will NOT crease. Just draw a line as close to the lashes as you can and you’re almost done! The black eye liner on the other end is to line and smudge in the outer corners of the eye when you want that extra “pop and drama.” The shade is stunning on every color type. A phenomenal best seller! US Weekly voted it a “must-have” and if I don’t have it in my purse I start to hyperventilate. It is absolutely wonderful!

3. GoSmile Touch Ups $10
These are a total Godsend. I keep them everywhere, purse, car, hot date-even in the pocket! They’re not a normal tooth whitener. They do whiten but they come in all these fun flavors like watermelon mint, green apple and mint and so they freshen your breathe as well. No need to run to the ladies room to brush your teeth after lunch and you can keep them to act as a super hero breathe mint! It also helps me stay away from my ciggs! Nothing takes care of an oral fixation addiction better then kissable watermelon mint.


4. Liptini Lip Lacquer and Cheek Stain $16.50
Every woman needs this. It stays all day. ALL DAY! You can eat and drink and kiss and it is not moving one iota! The best secret out there. It also works great on the cheeks to give you a fabulous natural flushed color. The color selection from this company is wonderful as well and I hope everyone tries it because you’re just going to be amazed at how great these are and how much you grab for it! Trust me on this one-you’re really going to thank me!

5. Zakias Morrocan Argan Oil $38 30% OFF CODE MEG
This is so hot right now because it truly is the holy grail product. Used on your face it makes your skin unbelievably soft and tones and hydrates. Women are insane for it. If your hair is dried out from the sun then a dab will do you! It restore hair to looking like healthy tresses, it adds shine and it controls frizz and fly aways. On the body, it completely hydrates and repairs any chafed skin and leaves your limbs buttery soft. It works amazing on the nails and cuticle too. A little goes a long way and you can really use this on every part of you for amazing results!

6. Mark Hook-Ups! $6
Genius! How cool are these? You can MAKE your own custom duo use, multi-functional product. They have EVERYTHING. One end can be a mascara, the other end can be eyeliner or highlighter or creme eyeshadow. If you’re more of a lipliner lipgloss girl then they have that too! This is such a space saver and really convenient and you cannot beat the price. I’m really loving all of the different options! I know a lot of you ladies are big fans of mark so I’m looking forward to hearing about what you think are the best hook-ups. Please let me know and I’ll bring your picks on air with me.


7. STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Color Connector Nail Polish $25
Nails are everywhere! Really inky almost strange colors are all over the catwalk! Especially anything in purple or taupe tones. Really edgy stuff. If you’re like me you have tons of nailpolish bottles rolling around in your drawers. This relatively new hot line Strangebeautiful is on top of every color trend! I mean the creator was inspired by a typewriter! Jane Schub, creator of Strangebeautiful nail color, does not rely on seasonal color trends to drive her nail polish shades. Rather, she turns to her background as an illustrator and trained artist, drawing on the Bauhaus master Josef Albers’ color theory, which views color as an ever-changing relationship — our perception of a single hue is dependent on the other shades that surround it. So Jane always pairs two really chic colors and connects them with this lucite square. Not only handy and on trend but it almost looks like a piece of art itself!
8. InStyler Rotating Hot Iron $97.50
The reviews on this baby speak for itself and I am a huge fan! You know I’m always bitching and moaning about my awful hair! This amazing tool adds volume, makes it shiny and then gives me bodyfull curls! No need for my curlers and a blowdryer And the flatiron! This lifesaver does it all. I’ve met the fabulous creator and watched him exhibit this in person. Tre Milano whipped some reality show starlets into hair beauties right in front of my eyes in 3 minutes flat! His background was years in the makeup department for American Idol so he is an expert into turning everyday women in beautiful superstars. I can even work it and I am not gifted at hair in the least! Check it out!

Let me know what I missed travel space saving sirens! I’ll be reporting the news the best I can from New York Fashion Week!

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