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Megs here! Wandering the beauty aisles can be a daunting task. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. Sometimes it’s daunting just tagging the right damn day! Finding the perfect face cream is every woman’s dream! It’s not as easy as finding the perfect shade of nude lip gloss, part of the problem is we’re just not familiar with the ingredients and what it is that they do. It’s probably easier to find the perfect man. Usually, that search doesn’t make you any younger!  I’m giving you a breakdown and as always, some deals so you can match up what it is that you need. Give it a try, a break for your face and a break for your wallet! You may know some of this info but I guarantee you’re going to learn some great tips from this piece. I know everything (It’s tough to always be right. The people that think they are annoy those of us who know we are Kiss)

A is for Apples. Juice Beauty organic skincare ! Let’s talk about the product that’s flying off the shelves, the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. I always thought “natural” or “organic” was going to be a bit too delicate and hippy to really be the industrial powerhouse that I thought I needed. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

Let me educate you on what I learned. I literally walked into Sephora and the saleslady told me “that is definitely the strongest facial peel we have here.” I heard that and didn’t think it could be true, I mean I don’t join the words “Natural” and “Organic” with strong. The acid in fruits can really trip you out. I mean, in a good way of course.
Not to get all science guy on you but this is sort of interesting The Patented Green Apple Peel Ingredients that make it so powerful and effective:
Malic Acid is from Green Apples
Citric Acid is from Lemons
Tartaric Acid is from Grapes
Salicylic Acid from Willow bark (Full Strength Only)

It’s the unique combination of the above alpha and beta hydroxy acids from organic ingredients along with raw cane sugar that makes it so strong!
The reason the organic ingredient part is important is because organics have
30-35% higher antioxidant and vitamin loads than non-organic ingredients. I guess that makes sense. It’s like how they say if you cook your foods you’re boiling out the vitamins. Since Juice Beauty is natural skincare it makes sense they’re going to want the freshest ingredients to provide the freshest results. I have a feeling the founders also wouldn’t be caught dead in a grocery store. Something tells me that they know the schedule of every Farmer’s Market in San Fran.

So not all acid is bad for you, some acid is your friend. Strong fruit acid is a friend to many woman all over the world as this Juice Beauty Green Apple peel is a constant editor pick. Want to try it but want some extra incentive? Of course I worked you out a deal.

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A is for Argan.
We see it in everything from makeup, skin care, hair care, it’s even pushed to be used on nail beds and on your body. Used while pregnant it prevents stretch marks. It cures about everything accept cancer and I’m sure in another 6 months there will be something in the news about that. It’s touted as a miracle potion, so why not?

It has made the woman that have experienced true argan oil huge believers. “My hair is so shiny and no frizz!” To “You only need one little drop and my skin has never been softer or more glowing.” Women try it and they don’t turn back! It’s so multi-use and a little goes such a long way that it’s a must-have in every medicine cabinet.

We know it is full of vitamins but what is Argan Oil? Where does it come from? Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due the small and very specific growing areas. to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties.

Taylor Swift and Salma Hayek have gone on record that they’re huge Argan Oil fans. It’s so chocked full of vitamin e, it’s like a boost of health. With all of these new Argan oils flooding the market why do we at love Zakias Moroccan Argan Oil?

We love them because the women that harvest the Argan Oil, the Berber woman of Morocco, do it all by hand and in small groups. They painstakingly manually grind the Argan nuts into a paste and then extract the oil. Zakias does not use machines yet employs and empowers this group of women with jobs that they take great pride in. The results from the Zakias Moroccan Products have been touted by so many of our users.

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“It’s Good as Gold!”
There’s no wonder why Hollywood’s Gliteratti have been flocking for years to facial serums with Gold in them. When La Prairie launched in 2006 their Cellular Radiance Gold (at $580 AN OUNCE) they had a bestseller on their hands. Study after study has been showing gold maintains firmness and elasticity. Before there was an Oprah endorsement their was Cleopatra’s and guess what? Yup, it was a “Cleopatra’s Favorite Things.”  Gold works improving circulation and decreasing skin inflammation, pure gold helps to soften expression lines, reduce fine wrinkles and diminish the appearance of age spots.

On we just had a tremendously positive review of KenetMD’s 24k Gold Serum. Formulated by a very fancy and a heavy does of prestigious degrees, celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Barney Kenet, and this serum has Hollywood all abuzz. Botanicals mixed with actual gold flecks glide onto skin and leave you with a very illuminated look. I have never used anything that works so perfectly as a primer. It makes sense that Dr. Kenet would create this. He is the Upper East Side’s Golden Boy that tends to a few big name clients (Gina, Ed, Jennifer) not only are they his clients but they’re talking. “There aren’t too many products that I can’t live without but I am obsessed with Dr. Kenet’s 24 Gold” says actress Gina Gershon. Make sense, if you want to one day hold a big gold statue it makes sense to practice in your mirror with a little gold bottle.

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“You Are What You Eat!”
We’ve all heard that one. It makes sense though.It seems as tough there is a red headed stepchild to the vitamins (I kid! I love the ginger’s!) We all know about the skin benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, this amazing product has all of that PLUS a huge infusion of Vitamin F. Let me introduce you to Galactive Glove Seal Your Skin Anti-Oxidant Treatment and “Vitamin F.” Vitamin F was the designation originally given to essential fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture. They were “de-vitaminized” because they are fatty acids. BUT You Need Fatty Acids!  Fatty Acids are probably what you’re swallowing everyday to promote healthy hair and nails. “Essential” in nutrition? By definition, it means you need it to be well. That’s where your daily multi-vitamin comes into play as our body does not manufacture Vitamin F. How many times have you been told to order the salmon? We need all the essential fatty acids. The issue (like much of nutrition) is balance. For example, Omega 6’s are considered “pro-inflammatory” while Omega 3’s are “anti-inflammatory.” Our body needs inflammation to survive. It is part of its normal processes.

Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Anti-Oxidant Treatment
has been a “holy grail” item on and it has been a life-saver for woman that suffer from acne. I know putting an oil on your face seems counterproductive but it’s not when it is stored with this many anti-inflammatory properties. The added anti-oxidants also combat free radicals and act as a barrier to not only heal but protect your face. Another brilliant dermatologist lovingly created this in her lab. Dr. Dima’s patients keep coming back not only for her handi-work but to then seal it in!

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Hyularonic Acid is Your Friend!
Your skin is thirsty for it! You’re probably pretty familiar with this term. You see it in a lot of great anti-aging skin products. What is it? Hyalaronic Acid is a natural substance that can be found in the body. It is great for skin care as it has the ability of retaining water. It is this unique characteristic that makes skins hydrated, moist and soft thereby maintaining a youthful appearance. You know that you’re supposed to be drinking A LOT of water during the day right?  As we age, the level of HA in the body also decreases. The older we get, the the less ability the skin has to retain its moisture, hence the occurrance of lines and wrinkles. Epione’s Corrective Skincare has The HIGHEST Pharmaceutical grade of Hyularonic Acid available on the market today!

Epione Corrective Skincare is what Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills own Lisa Vanderpump swears by. She is a friend and I know she 100% has never gone under “the knife!” The creator, Dr. Simon Ourion is who I see when I am in Beverly Hills for all of my facial work. I know the importance of having great doctors everywhere! I do a lot of TV. When I’m in a fix on the East Coast, I run to Dr. Barney Kenet. When I’m in a jam heading down south, I see Dr. Dima in Reston, VA. For days when I’m in Los Angeles and I have a “TV problem” you can find my tush in a seat in Dr. Ourian’s waiting room. It’s never alone. I see many A-Lister’s there that I would name but I don’t want a cease and desist letter! Trust me, they’re there. Woman have seen their sun and age spots lighten to invisible with this miracle potion!

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I hope this info proved valuable to you! Just a few things I have learned and a few great products I have found as we all search for the fountain of youth! What ingredient do you always look for before deciding whether or not to buy? Hope these discounts help on the best products on the market at a wonderful deal!!

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