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Besame Luxurious Trio

Besame Luxurious Trio

Fergus you are so awesome! When I received a box from Besame Cosmetics and opened it up to see several boxes of the Besame Luxurious Trio inside I had a perma-grin for the rest of the day. Then I started whistling and skipping down the street.

When I took the trio’s out to mail them out to the lucky testers I noticed some labeled “cool” while others were “warm”, so I knew what color tones were inside. That made it even better so I knew which boxes to send the brunettes, blondes and redheads.
Each box contains a lipstick, rouge and BEAUTIFUL dusting powder. On the Besame website you can completely customize these packages with your choice of colors. How awesome is that?!
So many times I get a “Trio” and only one of the items will work for me. It’s like my Chanel lip gloss compact. There are 14 different glosses in it. You know what? I only use one or two of the colors at the most. So, really smart to have a customize option Besame!
The packaging is still romantic and beautiful but how did the products deliver? Here’s what Besame Claims…“This classic combination gift set includes an Enchanting Lipstick, Feather Light Dusting Powder and Boudoir Rouge in an exquisite, classic collectable box. Choose from our Warm Hues or Cool Shades collections. Custom sets available through web orders only”.
Ladies please post if you found this trio “luxurious” or just ho-hum.

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Besame Luxurious Trio Set

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