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helloflawlessWe all know there are SO many choices out there that it’s almost impossible to keep up with so many brands and products! Goddess Granny has trouble remembering when I put my water glass from minute to minute and yet I believe I can stay on top of the “good stuff” when it comes to the best items to use for the perfect/current look? I’m admitting a huge FAIL in this area because I purchased something weeks ago and somehow, it ended up in a box under my vanity (aka the “graveyard” of items that may be on their way to the trash…) and I have no idea why! Still freshly wrapped and pristine, this product somehow got scooped up and simply ignored, so very sad…goes to show what the area around my vanity is TRULY like, not the stuff of movie-star dreams but a clutter of items subjected to my rather cruel “Love/Hate/Maybe One Night” use status!
Editor’ note, Meg here, just found it funny Goddess Granny has the same categories for products that I have for men, OK-carry-on.Kiss

Even MORE tragic is the fact that this product has packaging that is totally adorable: a sleek and well-constructed little box that lifts into a mirrored dual-compartment with a sleek brush and sponge puff housed underneath the amazing wonder-product named,“Hello Flawless!” It calls you by name before you even open it (or in my sorry case, even unwrap it!) as the outside case is reflective as well.”Jean” and “Jane”, the Ford-twins out of San Francisco and the master-minds behind this ever so charming and innovative brand named “Benefit” started in the business of beauty back in the 1970’s as makeup artists and product designers and the legacy continues with their daughters and family today! Benefit is regarded as the one of the most fun and original cosmetic lines in the world, known for their playful packaging and sense of style combined with creatively named products that deliver some truly unique results! Benefit’s products are on everyone pro’s for truly keeping up with the pace in the ever-evolving world of beauty!

I have used and LOVED many Benefit products and cannot believe I overlooked one as sensational as “Hello Flawless” until now when I was prompted by Jennifer Aniston’s list of “must have beauty items” in the January issue of “In Style” magazine and I remembered I HAD purchased “Hello Flawless” so where the heck WAS it? Jennifer RAVES about this powder that is so much more than just something to be brushed or patted on: it’s a gorgeous concealer/cover-up IN a power-form and this little gem that packs a beautiful punch also contains an SPF of 15 for protection while it gives you a flawless finish that actually does make one smile and say  “HELLO!” when they see how great they look!

This can be used alone, on top of a foundation, or as a dab-on that I promise will hide any multitude of sins and leave you looking flawless and fresh with NO powdery or heavy finish! I haven’t used anything else like this and from the heaps of rave reviews, is a “must have” product for many besides Miz Jennifer! The NINE shades are impressive and color- true and regardless of how you choose to apply, they glide on like a dream! Not a “mineral powder” and containing no talc (which my skin reacts to!) “Hello Flawless” is pure, oil-free, and suitable for all skins! This really is a versatile product that I believe anyone would enjoy owning and using because it multi-tasks in a most effective way: I’ve been swiping it on every am since I re-discovered it in my stash and it’s become my “go to” for a brush on glam-finish as well! What I really like about it is that you can tailor the coverage to what your skin needs on any given day with precise control and no fear of looking like you’re wearing a mask-y amount of foundation! It covers everything and looks beautiful doing it!

Benefit has one of the cutest company-websites and you can sense the playful attitude and love of what they create on every page! Buy “Hello Flawless” here and enjoy the visit!

I am attracted to products and brands that are FUN and that don’t take it all so seriously because it you’re not enjoying the process, what’s the point? Have you tried Benefit’s amazing products that  really work while they make you smile?

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