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Goddess Granny here needing to be rescued herself in a BIG way: I will officially be a “Senior Citizen” this week and let me tell you,it’s been one HELLUVA’ ride so far! I can remember having to get “creative” in order to pull my butt out of more than one or two dramas but usually with a bit of lipgloss and luck,things eventually went my way…

I’m also a huge fan of the TV show of FX named “Rescue Me” and let me just say that those NYC firefighters could absolutely drag me out of any situation without a whimper of protest! Hey…I’m merely considered “old” not dead,Kiss
Looking forward to the rest of my journey and am SO glad to have all of my darlin’ Megettes with me for the fun!The best really IS yet to come. Kiss
I have yet another fabulous friend who’s a makeup artist (not the Monistat one) and it’s SO nice to have those friends in colorful places who are skilled with brushes,LOL! Recently she was working in Austin,TX. on a movie set,it’s becoming quite a “mecca” for film-makers especially indies and it’s a happening town to boot…lots of stars,bars,cowboys,and places to hear great music!
A “noted” actress (no names,we don’t do snarky on Meg’s,Innocent!) was due on the set a couple of weeks ago and my friend was gearing up to make her even more gorgeous when a crisis took hold: the actress showed up still “partying” from the night before and not only was she rather grubby but she had some sort of “airbrushed” foundation/body makeup on allllll over including her face that had literally settled so deep into her pores that little brown dots of un-lovely were front and center! Her skin was “less than perfect” to start with and the product had also left her bumpy,red,and irritated…not good for those close ups!

My friend’s a true-pro,and after getting her into the shower,she dispatched an assistant down to the market for some “911 Skin supplies”: generic un-coated aspirin, a lemon,and some rosemary.
I know you’re thinking: she made her take aspirin and made her some tea,right??? Nope,but I’m gonna’ share her trick with you and you’ll also know why she gets paid the big bucks for what she knows!!!
This is good. Really,really good…and for pennies!
To start,boil some water: the MOST challenged cooks among us can manage this! Then slice up the lemon and add it and the rosemary to the hot water in a large bowl or basin being careful not to fill to high.Wash your face and grab a clean towel…you’re going to sit and relax a bit while you drape that towel over your head and steam your skin! Use common sense here…you want gentle steam,not scorch…you’ll know if it’s too hot or too close and adjust accordingly.

The rosemary smells AMAZING and will help to open those pores: this herb increases perspiration and helps respiration while having natural antiseptic and anti-imflamatory properties…you can use another herb like lavender if you prefer or flowers or simply lemon,whatever pleases you in terms of scent.
I have rosemary growing in a pot year ’round so I tried her suggestion to the letter.
THEN,after you have steamed out all the crud of the ages and feel wonderful relaxed,you’re going back to work: take some,maybe 20-25 of those un-coated generic aspirin (NOT Ibuprofen or Tylenol,HAS to be regular ol’ Aspirin…) and either crush them up in a bowl ,I used a ziplock and whacked away at them with a wine bottle…nothing but class…or add a few at a time to a SMALL amount of water until you have a paste.
If you’ve opted to whack-a mole-the pills to let out some frustration,add the small amount of water when your’re finished.
Either way,your goal is a smooth-paste that isn’t too runny.
Damped a cotton ball and apply this mixture to your freshly steam-cleaned skin.THIS is important: DON’T get it into your eyes…it will burn.Just gently smooth it on,being very careful to avoid the eye-area as you would with any face-mask and let it dry say 15 minutes or so.It will get sort of “flakey” as it drys and you’ll know when to rinse off with cool water.
Again: do NOT get into your eyes when rinsing,LOL!
Be a bit careful but trust me it’s worth a bit of effort.
Pat dry and after your skin dries a bit be prepared to be utterly amazed: mine was soft,smooth,even-toned with almost no redness anywhere,even the “old uglies” looked lighter and nicer! The aspirin has again,anti-inflamatory properties AND one of the main ingredients is “acetyl salicylic acid” aka beta hydroxy which is widely used in fine products to red skin of deal cells and prevent clogged pores!
I will honestly admit that I was rendered speechless by this simple but amazingly effective “skin 911” that my friend told me really DID save her butt on that movie set,her actress also couldn’t believe how 20 minutes and a few simple ingredients “fixed” a helluva’ lot of damage.She was able to get her all pretty and ready for her closeup with a lot less work after this rescue!
The nice thing is,your skin will look even better in the morning if you use this method at night!
Don’t overdo: once a week would suffice but I am here to tell ya’ that THIS is one of the best “saves” of my life in terms of really helping to get sluggish,tired,broken-out,or just plain old used and abused skin back into shape FAST!!! Lately mine has seen too many sweaty-workouts and had been ravaged a bit by a 3-day virus and I was delighted beyond belief with the results!
I showed you mine,now I’m challenging all Megettes everywhere to post YOUR best,most awe-inspiring,and effective “Beauty 911” trick!!!
Come on all you pros,counter peeps,wanna’ be’s,mavens,and addicts…what product,plan,tool,technique,or person saves YOUR gorgeous butt in a true beauty emergency???

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