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Hi Girls! Happy 2008 – this is my first official Saturdays at Sephora of 2008. The lack thereof was completely my fault last week. Blame Jet Lag. Blame Staying Out All Night. Blame Paris if you want to but it’s still my home. Basically strawberryfields and I had a packed social agenda there, often involving bars, cocktails, boys named Frederic and Jean-Philippe and such and as a result I lost complete track of what day it was. But I am back, and perhaps even better than ever.

Yes, I’m sure it sounds romantic. My friend and I can just jet off to Paris for a week, spend new years, visit our friends there. Relax in the most fabulous city in the world. Ok, that is pretty romantic. But let me tell you, French boys can be sh*theads too! I had made plans via email for new years eve about the first week of december with my friend Frederic (French, obviously). Keep in mind, he speaks no English. So we agree to meet up on the 29th, a Saturday, the day Sarah (strawberryfields) and I arrived. We called him when we got there and he wanted to go out that night…he was going to bring a friend. Good – four is an even number. He said he’d be over at 8. 7:50 PM: receive word that he’ll be about 30 minutes late, he’s been at the hospital all day, his friend had a baby. 9:15: on his way. Gets very irritated when I ask him like…are you still coming? 9:45. Calls and says “We’re here”. Except he wasn’t, he had misunderstood me on the phone. I very clearly said Rue Ste. Marthe (prounounced “sant mart”) in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Except he is on rue St. Marc (prounounced “sehn marK”) in the 2nd. Honest mistake. We had a good laugh – we went out and had a great time. They boys walked us home and they say “we’ll see you tomorrow.” Fine. Sarah and I go to our habitual Sunday lunch spot at about 2. 3:30 we get a message: Can’t go out tonight. See you tomorrow. That was fine, Sarah and I did our own thing. No sweat. 11:30 Monday morning, New Year’s eve. Message: Frederic: I can’t go out tonight. Have a good evening. Me: Are you kidding me? Frederic: No, I’m going out with my ex-girlfriend. Have a good vacation. BAM. Yeah – that is RUUUUUUUUDE beyond belief.

That story has nothing to do with the product I’m reviewing this week really, except that it transpired in France. And it also seems, that whenever I’m in France my skin completely changes. To DRY. DRY. DRY. My body completely dehyrdrated. I don’t know why – its a humid climate. I drink like two liters of water a day there. My lips are constantly chapped. Sarah gets really annoyed because I never seem to have my chapstick WITH ME. If this happens to you, and by this I mean constantly dry lips, not being ditched by your new year’s eve date the day of the event, then TheBalm BalmShelter SPF 17 tinted glosses are for you! They are super hydrating and they have SUNSCREEN (and lets face it wrinkly lips are a dead giveaway of aging). The are rather sheer – just a hint of color unless you pile them on (which is ok…). They have fun names like Pin-Up GIrl, Daddy’s Girl and (my favorite) Ghetto Girl!

Oh, and the moral of the story is: You don’t need boys. Sarah and I had plenty of New Year’s Eve fun on our own – and we managed to find PLENTY of cute French boys to fill our dance cards that night! Girl Power! 😉

What did you think of the BalmShelter glosses? Do any of you know some members of the male species that need a BOMB shelter to hide from the wrath that you owe them?


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