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thebalmhighlighter‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house…” Oh screw it: you know the rest of the story and honestly, I’m too festive-fried to go on about it Kiss! Goddess Granny who is already in a January state of mind not because I don’t enjoy the Holidays but because they simply wear me out! The only “rosy glow” of good-cheer and joy to the world I have right about now is from standing over a hot stove trying not to burn the cookies I’m making! It will all come magically together as it always does (or doesn’t in some cases) and we will survive yet another Holiday season in spite of it all!

I’m at that point of no return however where if I don’t get a hot bath, fresh hair color, a manicure and a bit of rest soon I might hurt someone if they ask me “what I’m doing” for the Holidays one more time. Sucking a candy cane to a sharp-point aka instant weapon if I need one is somehow satisfying my needs in a pervy-way right about now!

Enter a compact sent to me by either an angel who cheats on her halo-reflected glow or a fabulous elf who “gets it” when the photo-op with Santa comes around and since it arrived in my mailbox-things have been improving!

You’ve gotta’ love this girl: “The Balm” founder and CEO Marissa Shipman goes and buys a bunch of books about how to make makeup and launches a fabulously creative and cool cosmetics company! I have used her quirky and well thought out products for a long time and often gifted them as well because they are SO cute and SUCH high quality-you can’t mess up! Throw in a solid dose of good humor and charming originality in the packaging and names and you have a company whose fabulously edited-line of great stuff just keeps getting better!

When one comes up with a name like “Mary Lou aka the Manizer” you know they want you to smile! The name might well grab one’s attention at first but the gorgeous and luminous power inside the adorable compact will be what keeps you coming back for more! Sheer and with a glisten like the prettiest snowflake in the sun, this refined powder illuminator is nothing short of MY personal Holiday Miracle on 54th Street right now because it makes me look prettier than I feel: you can use this to highlight your cheekbones, on your browbone above the eye, as a shadow, on the cupid’s bow above your lip, in the inner corner of your eyes, under your eye applied with a liner-brush, down your cleavage…it truly is a “do it all” product that lights up you up from within, lasts all day, and never settles either into tiny lines and creases or acts all grinchy and changes color like some do when they morph to a sticky pink or muddy gold…this one stays true to itself and to you!

I’m a hot- mess lately for ridiculously deep lip colors (trying to track down Chanel’s “Obscure” as we speak-are you listening Santa?) and read the other day that’s it’s “much to girly” to also wear a blusher when you’re going for that vamp in the shadow of the streetlight look on your lips or eyes that’s HUGE these days! This perfect multi-tasking highlighter finishes your skin and adds just enough heavenly definition and glow to define and add a sexy otherworldly-polish to one’s face without getting all girly….I personally like girly but understand the way of and reasons for a good smolder as well!

Beautifully made compact with oh so clever graphic and there is a LOT of product in here: I can’t think of a better or better priced highlighter available that really is a “one shade for all” like this one is: it’s perfect on everyone regardless of skin tone and is sheer enough so that those of us with a bit more “refinement of age” on our skin don’t have to worry about ending up looking all Barbie-glittery…although I like that look too Wink! This is a grown-up flat out SEXY shimmer that softly whispers dirty words in your ear rather than drunkenly licking your neck leaving behind huge lipstick smears…

I hate to sound like a broken record but damn this is a great product and again, one of the newest in my personal “Holy Grail” plastic bin that lives under my vanity: I have sparkly crown-stickers all over it so “it” knows how special it is compared to the other bins (yes,they get all catty and jealous…) IF a product makes it into this bin, it has a really good shot at being used up and purchased again.

It is sold out at Sephora but read the DOZENS of great reviews and you’ll know why I’m also jumping on this sleigh ride of sparkle:

This is one product that I promise will brighten your spirits and your face no matter your mood !

Sending you and yours all the joys of the season: thank you all for making my life and Holidays not only merrier but more beautiful in every way possible! Merry Christmas and lots of love!

How do you sparkle and what do you use for highlighter? Who else is a huge fan of The Balm?

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