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So many men! So little time…

Goddess Granny here! and I definitely echo (and live!) this sentiment which is also printed around the cute lil’ mirror inside the fabulous packaging created by “the Balm” to present one of their latest shadow/blush products…

I am reading a very cool book: “Simply Irresistible” by Ellen T White. It’s not your typical “how to be gorgeous” or “what not to be seen wearing” book but a juicy and beautifully researched and written volume which basically describes how some of THE most captivating and memorable women in the world did and do what they were best at in order to better themselves in many arenas.I am loving it and I hadn’t realized how many and how incredible some of these “self-created sirens” out there through history and currently. The author herself is mesmerising in that she writes in a way that all women can learn from and enjoy, I highly suggest that you check it out if you ever had an inkling that you wanted to be a bit more dangerous, unforgettable, or just more fascinating in general!

One of the “items of seduction” that I am finding mentioned over and over is the use of “rouge”: “To be sallow,”according to Coco Chanel ” is to offend your bed-mate!” she always kept a pot of rouge near her bedside to apply immediately upon waking.Can you imagine?Throughout history,women have resorted to using everything from toxic substances to henna to pinching their cheeks and everything else possible to insure that they’d have that “glow” supposedly SOappealing and youthful to a love interest,I suspect in an attempt to mimic the one that “true love” aka hot monkey sex with a fun partner produces? 😉

I for one am sallow and fair and honestly am not a big “blush person” because most of them just seem to sit on top of my skin making me looking more like “Leppo the Freak Clown” than to add a hint of color that enhances my allure…admitting that I was a skeptic prior to application.

theBalm is a fun and forward-thinking company run by some exceptional people with cool cosmetic sense and I have tried several of their products with good results in the past. I LOVE the presentation of this product and it will surely create a buzz in the ladies room when you pull it out,it’s so very cute! The compact holds a single shade of peony-pink and plush powder so finely milled I thought it was a cream until I tried to smear some on and it went all wonky on me.Use a brush for best results.

It’s the color of a classic rose: a contagious, flattering girly-girl and ravishing beauty-queen pink, a baby-bottom pure pink, that makes no excuses for being perfect! I didn’t detect much of a “glimmer or shimmer” to it although it does reflect the light.Paraben-free (always a plus!) and absolutely singular in that it creates a fierce and believable blush wherever it’s applied instantly brightening your complexion! I didn’t like it personally as a shadow on me, too pink to be used for most occasions but on the face? It’s a walk in the cold, a sleigh-ride in Central Park, a day on the beach, and in general a fabulous and easy way for even a hot house lily with pasty skin like me to look like she’s one of those women who have afternoon delights frequently!

I think it would be amazing on 95% of the women out there, it’s that simple and special!

We could probably all use a few more “siren-seduction” skills these days to my way of thinking and I think that “Down Boy” is a product that that promises great results with little effort!

Do you think that rouge has the power not only to guild that lily but to be a woman’s best accessory besides her arm-candy?

What do you lovelies think of Down Boy? Did it make you pant? Buy It Here!









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