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The illustrious and incredible Ilissa from B. Kamins, Chemist send Megs Makeup out some of their Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher.

HOM is pretty non about the products that make their way through our front door. He did love the Stephen Knoll for his poufy hair. I also noticed that everytime I reached for my Suki Lemongrass Scrub the jar was always a bit lighter. For the most part though, HOM just loves his Noxzema. He’s not one for fancy, my husband would never be described as “metrosexual”! When I was lucky enough to put my new Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher in the shower I could not wait to use it the next morning. A nice hot shower and a brand-new luxurious facial scrub! It’s like Christmas, I just love opening opening presents. Tearing off wrapping paper is just as exciting as popping open a new tube of a beauty product

The next day in my shower I reached for my Bamboo and Rice Facial Polish. It wasn’t in the same spot on the shower ledge as the night before. It was much further down then where I had remembered leaving it. I reached for it and then I saw it. It was the lid, it wasn’t going to make the brand new “click” of being pried open. It had been opened and generously used. HOM! How did this happen? I felt like one of those women on Oprah whose husbands just came out of the closet. How long had this been going on? When did HOM become a metrosexual? I stared at his Noxzema tube, it had been in the same place for days! It was like HOM woke up before me and opened all of my presents on Christmas!

It’s not that I’m above sharing, it’s just that new click factor!

Even though my Bamboo and Rice Facial Polish had been tampered with I am happy to report it did not effect the product in any way. While it was not brand new it made me feel like I was!

Here is what B Kamin’s has to say about their Bamboo and Rice Facial Polish..“A gentle, polishing, textured cleanser which helps to clarify and refine sallow, thickened, sun-damaged, mottled or acneic complexions. Contains natural, finely-milled bamboo and tiny rice beads combined with our super-moisturizing Bio-Mapleā„¢ compound and gentle tensio-active sudsing agents. A luxurious at-home spa experience to help exfoliate dead skin cells, refine pores and improve skin texture.”

Ladies, let me know if you loved your Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher enough to hide it!

B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polish – Buy it Here!

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