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aztecsecretHello my friends! You are in Jeanasina territory now, so anything goes when it’s my turn to create a review for your eyes only! So, come closer, you won’t want to miss-read a word! My information is going to create INTEREST and possibly a NEED to purchase this product! Rest assured, when I tell you about something, every single word I type is my HONEST fully experienced reaction to a product!

Here we go…How many of you out there know about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Masks!? Come know who you are! YOU have fantastic skin because YOU own this product! People wonder why you always look so radiant and alive! You always smile and say “Oh, I just have kick-ass skin!”…when in reality YOU have amazing skin because you use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay!

I’m going to go and mix the stuff up right now…while you are all here with me, so talk amongst yourselves until I get back! This is how it went down…I went into the bathroom and I carefully measured equal parts ASIHC with equal parts apple cider vinegar (organic.) I mixed it all together in a glass dish and right before my eyes it sort of started to bubble! The texture was dark and silky and looked like it was coming ALIVE! I took my hand and I sank it right down into that dark, slidy-lookin’ stuff. I scooped some of it up. I slowly began to slide it all around my face! It moved so smoothly! It was exceedingly fun to apply the stuff! I kept thinking this is the same consistency as the mud that those hot lady mud wrestlers always gyrate and slide around in! I kept going, I smeared it all over my face, down my neck and then on to my chest! This was going SO well!

I looked into the mirror, I saw myself as I had ‘imagined’ I’d look if I was about 10 years younger (because I DID LOOK YOUNGER with this dark green grungy stuff on my face! What does that say for how I really look? I actually look younger with it ON! That’s insane to me! I may never take this stuff off! With the mask on… I do look hideous…close to grotesque…At the same time, I seem to look younger! 

Let’s talk a bit about taking this mask off…It IS going to HARDEN. You WILL feel a tightening in the facial area! Be aware that the mask is starting to dry and HARDEN on YOUR face! Try not to be scared, it might happen! 15-20 kinda long minutes go by, perhaps you say to yourself … “I think it’s time to wash this stuff off! Now!”  Then, in the mirror, you see a few dark green spots that are not hard yet, so you wait some more.

Well NOW it’s NICE n’ hard and you feel like maybe it’s getting so dry it’s stretching your skin…you really ARE ready to have it come off! Go off to the mirror and think to yourself “OMG…this stuff is TIGHT AND THICK ON MY FACE! I left it on TOO LONG! Grab a hand towel but then put it back because you absolutely don’t want to RUIN that hand towel and looking at your face, you just KNOW that hand towel would have been toast once it hit your face!

You bend over and think you’ll use your hands…HUGE mistake! Some of the stuff is cracking off and falling into your nice white sink! Keep washing and washing and washing your face, trying to get every iota of this stuff off!. Finally it is off. Completely off! You look at the towel you dried your face on and ‘tsk’ in disgust because evidentially there WAS still some on your face after all, and now that good towel is ruined too.

And just then…you FINALLY look into the mirror and see YOUR face! And you SMILE! You SMILE like you like what you see!… Then you move in closer to your mirror and then you SMILE even harder! Your face, at that moment, looks SO DAMN GOOD! Your cheeks are alive and you look like you have new skin! Your face is glowing and LOOK AT YOUR PORES! You can’t even see them! When’s the last time your skin looked THAT good? This mask rocks your face and is worth every cent you will pay for it! And…it’s less than $10.00! I didn’t even get to the part about how much it helps with acne! Read the reviews out there on the net!

My best hint to you is this…take this mask OFF IN YOUR BASEMENT! Over your big ass washtubs! Just keep rinsing and rinsing. Don’t forget to plug off the drain or have a heavy duty screen in place in your pipes because this stuff IS going to clog your drains! I’m just sayin’…your best bet is to take your Aztec Masked faced self outside and then grab the hose! Then bend over and turn that hose on and let it just smack the daylights out of that mask on your face! When the stuff finally BLOWS off from the pressure, it will land on the lawn and it won’t matter! No rugs or floors to clean!

Do I continue to use this product after experiencing all that you just read? ABSOLUTELY!

Who else has some Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay secret adventure that they’d like to share?

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