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Jeanasina here! Ladies of Megville…my eyes are as big as fried eggs right now a I write this! That’s because they are wide AWAKE! It’s 9:15 and I’m usually zombifying my way towards my bed around this time, but alas…I have a report to make and I’m not going to fail the troops! This is my lead in to today’s topic! The company that makes today’s product is called AWAKE and the lovely product I have been becoming acquainted with is their ‘exfolizer’!

To quote the company…AWAKE exfolizer is “a dual-purpose toner that uses micro- cellulose fibers to provide gentle exfoliation of dead cells. It lifts off dry dull skin to smooth out texture and increase radiance. Job’s Tear Extract helps smooth the skin while Arginine, an amino acid, and Licorice Extract enhances skin moisture.” “To use: Apply two pumps to a cotton ball and wipe over face and neck. Use twice a day after cleansing. “
This is a beautiful product that comes in a lovely bottle and the cap is a cool green color that makes you think of nature. Even the AWAKE insignia says nature. I was super excited to try this especially since in my lifetime I have never used something called an “exfolizer” on my skin! Oh! I checked out the symbol on the bottle and it’s a fern! The company’s way of thinking is that they want you to AWAKE to your True Beauty! The symbol on the front is a fern which is unfurling – revealing it’s inner beauty! Their products of course are about helping YOU reveal YOUR inner beauty! Alright! Bring it!

The bottle is a generous 3.4 oz. It’s just such a classy bottle that you pretty much want to leave it out to impress visiting dignitaries who happen to use your bathroom or vanity. But it’s got more going on than just a classy bottle! It’s the content ladies that have me raising my eye-brow at the bottle and saying to it “I’m impressed!”

I have been using it every day, x2 since our benefactor Meg, sent it out to us! I didn’t expect to care about it or need it. I figured I’d try it for a couple of days and then move on. But…I like it! I like what it does! As soon as I finish wiping my face with the drops on a cotton pad, I marvel at how clear my skin looks! I honestly look forward to using it again! The texture/feel/look of it is slightly kind of milky but mostly clear and it comes out in drops (take your time pumping) which are not totally watery, but not thick either. It’s effortless to bring it across your skin on a cotton piece and it’s a momentary cool feeling too. I found that it picked up things which were still upon my face that got missed by my cleansing routine! Appalling! So besides being a clarifying serum it seems to zero in on any lingering skin transgressors that are still hanging on and says to them…”You are coming with me!” AWAKE exfolizer is all that!

I just know my face feels extra good when I use this and like I said…I’ll continue to use this until it’s gone! That’s right people! Day after day this woman will be saying to my AWAKE exfolizer…”Come to mama!”

You can purchase it here and you will enjoy checking out their website while you are visiting! There is even a section where you can let them know what your skin concerns are and based on that they can give you their product recommendations! This is a leading cosmetics firm in Japan.

Who else loves Awake and this exfolizer?

Buy it here!

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