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The Ultra-Chic rep Mio, from Awake Cosmetics (Awake Cosmetics, as sold in fancy dance Neiman’s, Bergdorf’s, and of course dahling Bendels) sent us some of their Hydro Manage Makeup.

I’m not worried about having enough money for retirement. I’m not worried about not being able to afford a vacation home or visiting exotic lands. I am totally stressing about the expenses related to aging. I love every store I mentioned above. I look like those orphans in movie scenes that are staring through restaurant windows watching people eat. I feel like those darn orphans. Only I’m at a red light in my car on Wilshire Boulevard staring at Barney’s window displays.

What if Awake is the only product that works for me? I have no business being in those stores. If I didn’t have this blog, where would I have ever heard about them? I can afford $33 for the Awake foundation. It’s the $2,500 Lucien Pellat-Finet sweater in the display window that scares me off. I can’t be alone in my fear. That is why I am making a vow, right now, to all meg’s make-up readers. I PROMISE TO TAKE THE FEAR OUT OF THE RIDICULOUSLY HIGH-END DEPARTMENT STORE!!

I promise to not make you feel stressed out walking through the shiny brass doors. I will not make you feel like a have-not because Jean Paul Gaultier’s military jacket is not in your closet. I WILL PUSH PAST THOSE DISPLAYS. I will see what boutique cosmetic brands lurk beyond. I will bring them to you.

I have never felt so Joan of Ark in my entire life. I have been sent my higher calling. Someone send me a horse.
Awake Cosmetics claims that their Hydro-Manage Makeup…“AWAKE’s signature water-based foundation that provides a hydrating medium coverage. It offers the ease of a compact foundation with a lightweight coverage that feels like second skin. The unique formula is packaged in an airtight compact to preserve its high water content and refreshing touch. Skin Type: All skin types!

Features & Benefits:

Water-based formula that provides skin with optimal moisture levels
Formulated with Rosehip oil, Jujube extract and Vitamin E for skincare benefits
Long-lasting coverage with a light reflective finish for a glowing complexion.

Ladies please post if Awake Cosmetics was impressive enough for you to push past the Chloe !

Buy It Now!

AWAKE Hydro-Manage Makeup

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