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The glowing and glamorous Mio from Awake Cosmetics sent Megsmakeup out some of their Aqua Trans Powder out in a beautiful summer shade “golden honey”

I was lucky enough to attend The Makeup Show in NYC back in May. It was so fantastic to be among my people. These devoted makeup fans came from all over to congregate under one roof filled to the brims with every type of cosmetic expert ! The first expert I ran into was Mio! It was like meeting an old friend. It’s so nice to be able to put a face behind all of emails that get sent back and forth.

When Megsmakeup was sent the first batch of hydro manage makeup out I didn’t take one. I just figured I had enough powder and I didn’t really need it so I woud just pass it along to another reviewer. Big mistake.

When I read the reviews I kicked myself! A water based make-up that not only covered but also hydrated and soothed your skin? Our ladies loved it. I was not going to make the same mistake twice. When I was lucky enough to open the box of Awake Aqua Trans Powder I grabbed the first one! I’m generous not stupid.

It’s awesome. I am so glad I got my paws on shade golden honey. It blends and is such a perfect summertime tone. The coolest part? Awake’s products are water based and it is so freaky (freaky in a good way) to have a dry powder go on and feel wet. I know! I put some on HOM’s hand and even though he knows all about science stuff he couldn’t figure it out either. There’s a definite “wow” factor as my noggin’ tried to wrap how this powder hydrated and soothed my skin so well.

There is a shimmer factor to consider. I was a bit sparkly but not too teenage sparkly. A sexy shimmer that served my faux tanned face and shoulders well.

Here’s what Awake says about their Aqua Trans Powder “Skin sensation—a unique, water-infused powder that leaves skin looking flawless and refreshed.• Available in five corrective shades to perfect any skin tone.• Imparts a flawless complexion with a glowing, translucent finish.• Comprised of more than 77% water to provide an immediate cooling sensation.• Includes natural anti-oxidants and botanicals to nourish and prevent inflammation”.

Ladies please post if Awake Aqua Trans Powder left you cool and refreshed?

Buy It Here – AWAKE

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