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Sharond here! I remember the first time I heard of Avon. I was in the 10th grade in my very small town high school. My best friend told me she was now selling Avon and handed me a little booklet filled with all this perfume and bath products you could buy. I was overwhelmed with the selections because all I was used to was the local 5 and Dime and their meager assortment of products. The first thing I bought was the whole set of Field Flowers. I don’t remember if they had makeup at that time or not. My girlfriend became quite wealthy from her little business adventure going on to own a wonderful garden and design center. I then lost track of Avon when I went off to college. Many years later I met another Avon lady who has since become a dear friend. I can tell you that Avon is no longer the old Avon. The products are wonderful, the jewelry is very good for the price and now you can order online for mere $3.00 shipping.

Avon started out in 1886 as the California Perfume Company when founder, Mr. David McConnell, 28, of New York, NY, discovered that the rose oil perfumes he was giving away were the reason people were buying his books. The first Avon Sales Representative was Mrs. P.F.E. Albe. The first product produced was called the Little Dot Perfume Set and included five fragrances: Violet, White Rose, Heliotrope, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Hyacinth.

The company was named Avon in 1939, after the river that runs through Stratford-On-Avon in the English Midlands. The name is a tribute to McConnell’s favorite playwright, William Shakespeare, who hailed from the town. Avon has become one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. Today, Avon’s fastest growing markets are in China and Russia. In some markets (most notably China, which had banned all door-to-door selling before mid-December 2006) Avon products are sold primarily in retail stores.

I want to tell you about one of the best new elixirs among any facial products anywhere. Anew Ultimate Elixir Premium promises to regain up to ten years of visible youth and I can vouch that I agree. Maybe not ten years they claim, but at least seven. This product is formulated with 2X the remodeling protein boosters to tighten and lift the skin’s structure. My cheeks do look and feel tighter, my jowls, jaw line and neck feel lifted, wrinkles seem filled in or erased and I just plain look younger.

This elixir is a creamy serum that is light brown almost off white in color. It comes in a beautiful black modern designed bottle. On the Avon site, a few people complained that it was hard to get out all the elixir when the bottle when it is near empty. I have not used enough for the bottle to verify this problem. I massage the elixir in my face and neck after washing and toning both morning and night and follow with my favorite moisturizer. It soaks in quickly without leaving a greasy feel. I noticed the changes almost immediately and have seen improvements continue. I have used products that are much more expensive and not had results as good as this product delivers. Now that I have used this product for 3 weeks I can tell you, the readers of Meg’s, that this is a must buy for your mature skin care regimen. You will not be disappointed.

Avon is involved in Breast Cancer Crusade. Reese Witherspoon is the celebrity sponsor. To get involved in the upcoming two day walk please check out the following site Sharond

Does anyone else love the new Avon as much as I do? BUY IT HERE!

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