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aubreyorganicsStacy B here! Anyone still stuffed from Thanksgiving? I’m still making leftover sandwiches and crock potting my way through way too much turkey. And don’t even get me started on the desserts, these maternity pants have crushed all will-power since they just keep expanding with me! I justify it by saying the baby needs Thanksgiving treats too! I hope everyone had a fun-filled, relaxing holiday spent with all the right people.
It’s still unseasonably warm in the north east right now, we’ve been over 60-65 degrees for weeks. Rumor has it this will be one of the warmest Novembers on record for us. I’ll take it! It will be cold and snowy soon enough (and for long enough!) It’s been great for my skin though, it hasn’t been that dry yet so my face looks pretty good. Well, aside from the complete and total lack of color since summer was months ago. Thank you bronzer! I haven’t really needed the heavy duty night cream yet but I did just open up a new bottle of Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Night Crème with Alpha Lipoic Acid
. It’s probably a great time for me to try something knew since if it doesn’t work, I’m not parched like a desert with skin cracking in the cold wind.
This was a pretty good lotion, but didn’t blow me away. My first complaint is that it’s a pump that required about 50 pumps to get some product out. My complaint isn’t the pump, I prefer products that pump, it was the amount of work it took to get some out.  I finally got a dab on my finger and noticed the bottle looked like I had used almost 1/3 of the product! I realize there will be some settling and you can’t fill the bottle to the very top, but this seemed excessive. It also said ‘shake well’ on the bottle but it’s a really thick lotion that doesn’t mix much when you shake it, and with the pump increased to pumping level there’s no room to shake it. Those directions were weird to me.
It was thick, which I like, and I only needed one pump to cover my face, which I also like. I hate having to use a ton of product, just a little should go a long way. It had a peculiar smell to it…Not quite medicinal, but along those lines. Almost like a prescription strength lotion that tried to mask the medicine with a heavy lotion/soap-y scent. I asked my husband and he said “you smell like Kyle’s butt”. Awwww marriage is full of wonderful moments, isn’t it? I know I had that “did you really just say that?’ look in my face because he immediately said, “don’t worry, I mean like AFTER you change his diaper”.   Ooooooohhh, so much better. After my wifely sigh and one-eyebrow lifted glare, he finally said that it smelled good, but it reminded him of the diaper rash cream we use occasionally. OK great, so now my face smells like Desitin? I have to admit, he was right. That was the closest I could come to a scent for this lotion.

It wasn’t too strong of a scent so it didn’t linger but I still felt a little gross going to bed with something that smells like butt ointment on my face. Doesn’t exactly inspire romance either.
I woke up the next morning (no smell) and my face felt moisturized and fresh. I was pleasantly surprised. I continued to use it for a few days before I noticed my face started to feel a little oily. This is not oily skin weather, this is dry skin weather so I got nervous. I took a night off and it felt much better. I thought maybe I was just using too much so I used only about 3/4 of a pump and after a few days, same thing. Oily. And this time, I had some breaking out. I had to drop this down to a few times a week. It’s thick and moisturizes, but it went overboard a little. And I just couldn’t get used to the smell. I will probably save this and use it on occasion but it will not become part of my daily routine.

How about you? Any Aubrey Organics fans out there? What face creams do you think have the best scent?

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