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Thank-you so much to the fabulous and phenom team at Astara for getting some of their Astara Blue Flame Purifying Treatment out for us to review!

I never had pimples as a teenager. I mean around my period time I woud maybe breakout with a shiner here or there but I was lucky. I had a lot of issues but my complexion was never a big problem. As you get older your skin is suppose to be easier (in the zit department, I know, wrinkles, crows feet, marionette lines-oh my)!

My skin has decided to have a teenage crisis. Only now I’m 31 years old. They’re not the wholesome teenage pimples I remember. You know how you would squeeze it (oh like you didn’t) clear out the pore, let it be red or bleed and then stick your Oxy on and call it a day? Yeah, for some reason that procedure does not work on adult pimples. Or at least it doesn’t work on my adult pimples. If I dare squeeze (now I’m giving TMI but whatever) there doesn’t seem to be a clear exit point. Instead, my entire pimple and area starts to slightly puss and turn red and last more then a night. I’m not even sure at that point what I’m trying to dig out. Yuck. It’s just …bad.

I was struck with two of these cystic pimples last week, I grabbed the bottle of Astara Blue Flame Purifying Treatment and it worked!! No, it wasn’t instant, but about 4 days later they were dried out and completely gone. When I applied the blue flame there was a slight tingle to my skin and I was afraid it might further irritate it. It didn’t. It was just cleaning and clearing it up. If you have oily or breakout prone skin then you should definitely try this. It really does work well!

Here’s what Astara Blue Flame Purifying Treatment says “This potent premoisturizing “foundation” is healthy, nourishing, and balancing food for all skin types. Featuring time-released delivery over five hours as well as powerful antioxidants such as White and Green Teas, Borage, and Vitamins A, C and E, this nearly weightless emulsion achieves profound penetration and encourages cellular repair for all skin types. Suitable for all skin types”.

Ladies please post what you think about Astara products and if they got you to fight the urge to pick at your face!

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